C.F. Møller

C.F. Møller is one of Scandinavia's oldest and largest architectural practices. Our award-winning work involves a wide range of expertise that covers all architectural services, landscape architecture, product design, healthcare planning and management advice on user consultation, change management, space planning, logistics, client consultancy and organisational development.


Simplicity, clarity and unpretentiousness, the ideals that have guided our work since the practice was established in 1924, are continually re-interpreted to suit individual projects, always site-specific and based on international trends and regional characteristics.

C.F. Møller regard environmental concerns, resource-consciousness, healthy project finances, social responsibility and good craftsmanship as essential elements in our work, and this holistic view is fundamental to all our projects, all the way from master plans to the design.

Today C.F. Møller has app. 350 employees. Our head office is in Aarhus, Denmark and we have branches in Copenhagen, Aalborg, Oslo, Stockholm and London.


Group Chart (PDF)
C.F. Møller in numbers

Partners and CEO

C.F. Møller Architects is owned by a partner group consisting of Tom Danielsen, Klavs Hyttel, Mads Mandrup Hansen, Klaus Toustrup, Julian Weyer, Lone Wiggers, Michael Kruse, Christian Dahle and Mårten Leringe. Ola Jonsson, Rolf Nielsen, Thue Borgen Hasløv, Franz C.A. Ødum, Lasse Vilstrup Palm og Rune Bjerno Nielsen are associate partners.

The management for C.F. Møller consists of Chairman of the board Klavs Hyttel, CEO Klaus Toustrup, COO Lone Bendorff Farrell and CFO Birgit Møller.

The parent company for all of the C.F. Møller companies in Denmark and abroad, C.F. Møller A/S, is registered with the Danish Business Authority under company register number 29826951.

From left: Mårten Leringe | Julian Weyer | Michael Kruse | Lone Wiggers | Christian Dahle | Mads Mandrup Hansen | Klaus Toustrup | Tom Danielsen | Klavs Hyttel


We have a vision which we strive to reach. Our strategy shall get us closer to realizing this vision:
We want to be among the best companies in the Nordic countries and Europe - and recognized globally. We want to influence the development of the construction industry and produce the highest possible level of architectural quality.


    • We are aware of and committed to our role as decision-makers for the physical environment.
    • C.F. Møller must be run on the basis of sound and ethically responsible business principles, and must continue to possess genuine economic independence.
    • C.F. Møller must show consideration for society, but must remain independent of party politics, and, as impartial consultants, we must avoid rigid partnerships.
    • As independent consultants, we choose our own methodologies, techniques and materials, in dialogue with our partners, but independently of manufacturer interests, etc.

    • Towards our partners, our arguments and conclusions are well-supported and documented.
    • In non-analytical areas of work such as art and architecture, we are well-formulated in "words and pictures".
    • Our work must be relevant, current, innovative and constructive, and must take account of the needs of society.
    • We must secure an optimum psychological and physical working environment at the architectural practice.


    • We perform our work with the aim of creating a synthesis between function, form, finances and resource-awareness.
    • We collaborate with others, and are happy to share our knowledge and experience with each other and with the external professional environment.
    • We take an active and constructive part in the working processes - including each other's work.
    • We strive to increase our efficiency and raise our levels of innovation and productivity via professional development and further training.
    • We are attentive to the importance of maintaining a balance between family and working life, and we recognise the responsibility of the architectural practice in this regard.