Topping-out at CIS Nordhavn

Topping-out at CIS Nordhavn - C.F. Møller

3.11.2015 | Partners, craftsmen and local stakeholders were all present at the construction site in Copenhagen's Nordhavn quarter when the Property Fund for Copenhagen International School celebrated a key milestone in the construction of this innovative new school.


The construction of the coming new international school in Copenhagen is in full swing. This was celebrated on Monday when the traditional party for all the craftsmen, the topping-out ceremony, was held.

"We've had a good dialogue with C.F. Møller on how to approach this project. We're very proud and satisfied with the solution we've achieved," said John Bo Jacobsen, Chairman of the client, the Property Fund for Copenhagen International School, at the topping-out ceremony.

"Overall, we'll gain a school that we can be very proud of. Now that we can see the building taking shape – and get a sense of the scale of the school – we can also get an idea of how the building will look. There's no doubt that the façade design is incredibly important for the overall impression," John Bo Jacobsen emphasised.

Pieces falling into place
Copenhagen International School (CIS) is one of the largest school projects in Denmark and the large school building is divided into four smaller sub-schools that match the children's age groups. This means, for example, that the classrooms for the youngest pupils are larger than usual, since all functions are gathered in and around the premises, with their own outdoor areas, drama/theatre areas, gymnastics area, etc.

"On reaching this important milestone, we can
first and foremost gain a sense of the great scale of the project. We can also begin to sense the spatial relations and dimensions, the places' character, of what will be a fantastic building at a unique location," said the project's architect and responsible partner, Mads Mandrup Hansen, in his speech at the topping-out ceremony.

"As a craftsman, you can view this as a complicated task to solve. You can also take up the challenge and contribute to a high standard of exquisite craftsmanship in the building structures. This is exactly how we see things here at Copenhagen International School," he said.

Attracting profiles to a whole new quarter of Copenhagen
The new school in Nordhavn will be a defining project in the establishment of the new quarter in Copenhagen. The school is situated on a prominent site and the architectural idea is to give CIS an open appearance that connects the school premises with the public sphere in the urban environment. The promenade outside the school will become an urban portside space providing opportunities for recreation and various activities.

"It's very important to Danish business and industry that we as a country can offer an international school of such high quality. It's vital to our competitiveness that people who come from other countries to work here can send their children to school in an international environment that is matched to their specific requirements," said John Bo Jacobsen.

"Copenhagen has previously been rejected because there was insufficient provision for international business people's children. This has a negative effect in the business community. CIS will therefore be a clear asset
when the knowledge workers of the future are to choose where they wish to live and work."

Close cooperation strengthened the process
For a project on this scale, it is vital that the cooperation runs smoothly between advisers, contractors, craftsmen and, not least, the client. One reason for the strong cooperation on the construction of CIS is that the many parties work at close quarters to each other at a project office located at the construction site.

"This cooperation has been constructive for everyone. Things run more smoothly when we sit side by side, so that the project is created with due account of buildability, aesthetics and the financial aspects," said Bo Jacobsen, Chairman of the Property Fund for Copenhagen International School.

"There is a bigger desire for compromises to be made when you can see and interact with each other on a daily basis. This has been a very fine process that we are very satisfied with," said John Bo Jacobsen.

Copenhagen International School has facilities for children right from preschool age and is distinguished in particular by how the 25,000-m² façade will be covered with 12,000 solar cell panels, which will cover at least half of the school's annual electricity consumption. The Property Fund for Copenhagen International School is the client for the construction project. C.F. Møller is the turnkey adviser, while Niras is the consulting engineer. The brand-new school will be completed in 2016.


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Nominated for Norwegian architectural award

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New COO at C.F. Møller

21.8.2017 | As of 1 September, Lone Bendorff Farrell joins the executive management board of C.F. Møller as new COO

Appoints a Head of Sustainability

11.8.2017 | C.F. Møller Architects is increasing its focus on sustainability and has appointed Rob Marsh to the new position of Head of Sustainability.

International award with new Danish school

7.8.2017 | C.F. Møller Architects wins Iconic Award 2017 in the category ‘Architecture with distinction’ with the Copenhagen International School. A new and very sustainable school in Nordhavn a part of Copenhagen under development.

C.F. Møller Architects wins GAGA Award with London

6.7.2017 | Greenwich Peninsula Low Energy Centre, London, by C.F. Møller Architects in collaboration with British artist Conrad Shawcross wins this year’s award in the Architecture category.

Prequalified for new High-Rise in Oslo

28.6.2017 | Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter in collaboration with C.F. Møller Architects in competition For The Fjordporten Building at Oslo Central Station.

New project for Swan Housing Association

28.6.2017 | Swan Housing Association is delighted to announce C.F. Møller’s appointment as architects for Phase 3 of Blackwall Reach Regeneration Project.

Laying the foundation stone for a new hospital in Bergen

27.6.2017 | A modern new department at Haraldsplass Hospital in Bergen, designed by C.F. Møller Architects, is now being raised to its full height. On Thursday, 22 June, the foundation stone was laid by the Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services, Bent Høie.

C.F. Møller wins competition with an innovative high-rise building

2.6.2017 | C.F. Møller has won another competition to build an innovative high-rise building. This time for Aros Bostad AB and Vasakronan, for whom C.F. Møller is to design a new high-rise building in central Kista in Stockholm.

Royal award for fine results in Sweden

31.5.2017 | On 30 May, the Danish Minister for Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen, awarded the Danish Export Association's Diploma and HRH Prince Henrik's Medal of Honour to C.F. Møller's subsidiary in Sweden. The architectural practice received the award for fine export results in the Swedish market, where C.F. Møller is behind several innovative and sustainable construction projects.

MT Højgaard and C.F. Møller are to construct the New Islands Brygge School

29.5.2017 | Under a turnkey contract, MT Højgaard is to construct the New Islands Brygge School, with C.F. Møller as architects. The winning project will ensure that this construction project is responsible and easy to operate in overall economic terms, that the building can be DGNB-certified, and also that it cuts the time schedule by three months.

Royal visit

26.5.2017 | Partner and Architect, Mårten Leringe, C.F. Møller Architects, is to meet both the Crown Prince Couple of Denmark and the Crown Princess and Prince of Sweden and give a short introduction to C.F. Møller in Stockholm on Monday May 29.

C.F. Møller Architects wins a new international award

18.5.2017 | Bestseller's office complex in Aarhus, Denmark, designed by C.F. Møller Architects, wins the European Architecture Award in the Office Buildings category.


11.5.2017 | Frederiks Plads is a new quarter of Aarhus, designed by C.F. Møller Architects, and the topping-out ceremony on 11 May means that the quarter is now beginning to take shape. The project includes a 24-storey block of flats.

C.F. Møller wins VIA Horsens

10.5.2017 | C.F. Møller and C.F. Møller Landscape's proposal for the new VIA (30,000 m²) and the Innovation House (5,000 m²) has been nominated as the winner of a major architectural competition.


9.5.2017 | The week-long celebration of the C.F. Møller-designed concert hall in Odense reached its culmination on Friday, 5 May, when Her Majesty Queen Margrethe inaugurated Odeon and had the opportunity to witness some of the venue's many functions.

C.F. Møller Design designs signage system

9.5.2017 | ‘VIA’ is a new architectural signage system designed in collaboration between Danish architectural signage company Modulex and architecture firm C.F. Møller’s design department C.F. Møller Design.

Nine days of celebration in the "City's Modern Community Centre"

28.4.2017 | On 28 April, Odense commenced the celebration of its new culture centre, Odeon. With over a hundred events over nine days, "Odense celebrates Odeon" will peak with a gala show on 5 May, when Her Majesty Queen Margrethe will visit the C.F. Møller-designed culture and concert building.

Veksø A/S wins tender with design made by C.F. Møller Design

18.4.2017 | Aarhus gets Denmark's first light rail, which is planned to be inaugurated in mid-2017. Veksø A/S wins the tender for delivery of bicycle parking fixtures outside the light rail stations.

Win international competition

4.4.2017 | HENN + C.F. Møller Architects jointly win an international competition to extend Germany’s most iconic hospital complex, the listed 1970’s high-tech University Hospital RWTH Aachen.

Receives international award

29.3.2017 | C.F. Møller Architect’s new ferry terminal, Värtaterminalen in Stockholm is awarded a Green GOOD DESIGN Award in the category Green Architecture.

Campus Hall receives Civic Trust Award

16.3.2017 | The new student housing project at The University of Southern Denmark in Odense, designed by C.F. Møller for the A.P. Møller Foundation, receives one of this year’s Civic Trust Awards.

C.F. Møller Wins New Landmark in Västerås

14.3.2017 | The winning C.F. Møller and C.F. Møller Landscape Project is a 22-storey High-rise Building Including a Panoramic Garden on the 15th Floor.

Copenhagen International School is open

7.3.2017 | Today, a new chapter begins for Copenhagen International School when the new school building in Copenhagen's Nordhavn quarter is officially inaugurated. The new school building, which is built exclusively from sustainable elements, will play a vital role in preparing its students for a global future with focus on sustainability.
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