New Frogner Nursing Home. C.F. Møller

New Frogner Nursing Home

The Five Gardens is a nursing home for patients with dementia, with five green atriums and organic, circular flows.
 New Frogner Nursing Home. C.F. Møller


Lier Municipality


Lier kommune, Norge


10.000 m²


2013, competition


C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

Dementia is a brain disease that is characterised by memory loss, and one of the symptoms of advanced dementia is the need to wander - often in a circular course. One of the aims of the home in Lier is to make this wandering a positive experience.

The nursing home comprises a total of four interconnected buildings on three floors that treat each of the four phases of dementia, and also has a central entrance area and canteen, with contact to all of the buildings.

At the heart of each building there is an outdoor green atrium that hides a garden - with plants and vegetation from the local Lier valley. The aim of the cohesive, circular flows in the interconnected buildings is that the residents never feel trapped in corridors that come to an end.

The green atriums ensure that the residents encounter light, greenery and the changing seasons. The central entrance area and canteen hold the largest of the in total five gardens, which makes this part of the home the natural meeting place for all users of the building.

The five gardens are built up around outdoor gardens, like the old retreats, with nature bringing air and breathing space into the heart of the building.

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