Solklint, 5 cluster houses in Egå, Denmark. C.F. Møller

Solklint, 5 cluster houses in Egå, Denmark

The five buildings are situated on a large terrace that concludes a terrain sequence towards the flat Egå valley and Vejlby Fed.
 Solklint, 5 cluster houses in Egå, Denmark. C.F. Møller


The Building Consortium Solklint


Aarhus, Danmark


950 m², 5 units




C.F. Møller Architects

The design of the five buildings is determined by the location at the top of a point in Egå, near Aarhus, and the access to the individual homes is through a common courtyard with seating, playgrounds etc.

From the courtyard's tile-clad plaza, the houses arise like a flower that unfolds and crowns the terrace. Narrow views and passages between the houses link the courtyard with Vejlby Fed, Egå and the bay. Each house has a view of Aarhus Bay.

The houses vary in size and each of them are designed around a common living space going through two storeys and following the building profile.

The complex is constructed in red, hard-burned brick, with wall crowns and sills of reversed Hasle stoneware pipes. Ventilation ducts, spews from the balcony and “blinkers” provide decorative details in the gables.

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