Villa Araca. C.F. Møller. Photo: Kirstine Mengel

Villa Araca

the Villa Araca is situated on top of a hill in Hillerød overlooking the magnificent Frederiksborg Palace and the palace gardens.
 Villa Araca. C.F. Møller. Photo: Kirstine Mengel


Anders Hjort


Hillerød, Danmark


330 m²




C.F. Møller Architects

Since the villa's garden is located close to a public path, the villa has been devised to screen the garden from the glances of passers-by while at the same time opening up the view of the Castle.

In both plan and profile the villa constitutes a Z-shape. The Z shape leads its residents from an inward facing ground floor to an outward facing 1st floor that opens into a large glass area with a balcony. From here you can look over the public path towards the palace.

Beyond the villa to the southwest is a private courtyard that is surrounded by a wall. The courtyard adjoins a kitchen-dining area on one side and a combined library and living room to the other side. Both the kitchen-dining area and the library have large glass panels facing the courtyard. The large glass panels give the impression that the courtyard continues in an uninterrupted extension of the two rooms. When in the summer the glass panels are opened, you get the experience that inside and outside become one with each other.

Beyond the main building is a low wing, which houses bedrooms, a bathroom and a garage. The link between the two buildings gives the impression that the plan of the villa is folded like a Z.

The façade is built from pale yellow brick with dark grey windows. The wall surrounding the courtyard is also built of pale yellow brick, which makes the building appear as one large folded sculpture.

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