CVR 29244391
C.F. Møller Danmark A/S
Hillerødgade 30A, 2. sal.
2200 Copenhagen N.

C.F. Møller Architects, Copenhagen

C.F. Møller's office in Copenhagen, located in a creative and vibrant area between Jægersborggade and Nørrebro Station. 

The office is located on one coherent level in the top attic floor of a former factory, with beautiful exposed timber structures and bare brick walls combined with glass meeting room facilities. This is a workshop-like, sustainable and lively working environment with a model workshop, canteen and design board area as well as touch-down workplaces that meet the office's many different collaboration requirements.
C.F. Møller has had a Copenhagen office since 1991.

Business Inquiries - Copenhagen

Denmark - Copenhagen
Søren Lykke Bülow
Head of PQQ
Landscape & Urbanism
Julian Weyer
Partner, Architect maa
Product Design
Jon Brøcker
Head of Product Design, Designer and Architect maa
Maibritt Dammann
Head of Healthcare, Architect maa
Client Consultancy
Klaus Toustrup
Partner, Architect maa, AAdipl.
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