ArtCenter Spritten

C.F. Møller Architects is the developer’s adviser for the construction of ARTcenter Spritten, which involves the transformation of a once industrial area into Aalborg's new arts centre.

Aviapolis Core

Masterplan that creates the world's first 100% walk-friendly connection between an international airport, nature and urban city functions.


The overall plan for the new Railway Quarter in the heart of Aarhus is for an area over the railway, creating a new green district in the city centre.

Bellerivestrasse 36 Zürich

Modernisation of an iconic 70s Swiss office building into a highly sustainable building integrated with the surrounding park and Lake Zürich to become a new attraction for users and citizens in Zürich.

Biskop Gunnerus gate 14B

A highrise at Oslo Central Station, which binds the street, station and the people of the city together.

Blackhorse Yard

Mixed-use regeneration development in Waltham Forest, London, comprised of exclusively affordable housing, public realm design, retail, allotments and new creative workspaces.

Blackwall Reach

As a part of the regeneration project Blackwall Reach C.F. Møller Architects has designed a new residential development with 324 homes.

British Museum Archaeological Research Collection – Monitoring Architect

C.F. Møller Architects is appointed as the Monitoring Architect for The British Museum in the development of a new storage facility to ensure the project is delivered to the museum’s high standards.

Carlsberg Byen, Fristrup Hus

A development in the attractive new Copenhagen district of Carlsberg Byen, which reinterprets the Copenhagen urban block and makes reference to the district’s attractive old brewery buildings.

Carlsberg Central Office

New central office of the Carlsberg Group, which provides the framework for a modern and dynamic workplace with a building that creates identity, knowledge sharing and innovation.

Carlsberg Quarter, Winge Hus and Grønlunds tower

A classic Copenhagen apartment block with a 50 metre high tower in the new district of Carlsberg Byen, containing homes and businesses, with excellent communal areas and plenty of daylight.

Ceres Alle 11

A residential area located in Aarhus' new city district, Ceres Byen is clearly linked with the city and has attractive integrated outdoor areas allowing for both privacy and communality.

City to the Water - Our River City (Development Plan)

The development plan adapts the future of Randers to the environment, connects the city with the water and develops the attractive areas between the medieval city centre, the river Gudenå and Randers Fjord into a unique city borne of the river.

Dalum Papirfabrik

The overall plan for the Dalum Paper Mill transforms the historic industrial area into a new and diverse neighbourhood with close contact to both nature and Odense city.

Extension of RWTH Aachen University Hospital

Expansion of the iconic hospital complex RWTH in Aachen, Germany. The expansion will contain a ‘state-of-the-art’ surgery ward with intensive care units and a new public entrance hall.

Fjordporten - Nordic light

Fjordporten is located at Oslo central station and comprises a high-rise building with a base. The building merges transport, work, leisure time, culture and business into a forward-oriented and robust hub.

Frederiks Plads

New, green urban plaza in the center of Aarhus surrounded by a mix of residential and commercial buildings.

Golden Mede Housing, Waddesdon

Two new housing estates in the rural village of Waddesdon, just over an hour's drive from London.

HAB Varbergparken housing estate renovation

Transformation of a 1970s social housing area with a new overall concept; refurbished residential and outdoor spaces, renewed energy systems and new workplaces

Himmerland Housing Association, department 3

Extensive renovation of 210 public housing units in Aalborg Vestby, with focus on reasons for vacation.

Horsens NHG & HF

The expansion of Horsens Gymnasium and HF creates a modern learning facility, fully integrated with the city and the existing building.

Kristiansund Opera and Culture Centre

New cultural hub in Kristiansund as the combined location of opera, museum, cultural school, library, restaurant and café.


A new building for Iceland's largest bank with an expression inspired by the raw Icelandic nature and a design that includes and interacts with the entire city.

LEGO® Campus

LEGO® Campus is a flexible and sustainable office complex and park that sup-ports the strong corporate values and playful culture of the LEGO Group.

Lund Central Station

A modern meeting place and infrastructure hub, in both Lund and for the region, with a new station building, new commercial premises, restaurants and hotels, and the renovation and relocation of the existing 19th-century customs building.

Mascot International

New headquarters and logistics center for Mascot International, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of work wear.

Mindet 6, Aarhus Harbour

A bright, sculptural tower and landmark close to the Port of Aarhus will combine city life and cultural history with attractive new cultural and business facilities and public restaurants.

New Islands Brygge School

A new middle school building at Islands Brygge sets the framework for physical, sensory and experience-based learning, with special focus on diet and movement.

New OUH - Client Advisor

Client’s consultant for a new super hospital - one of the largest hospital designs in recent Danish history.

Port of Aarhus, masterplan

Masterplan for 370 acres extension and re-disposition at the Port of Aarhus.

Residential Tower Antwerp

24 storey residential tower block in Antwerp that redefines the residential high-rise as a vertical social community.

Rigshospitalet (National Hospital) - Instrument sterilization centre and freight terminal

New regional centre for sterilisation of hospital instruments and goods terminal for deliveries to and from Rigshopitalet in Copenhagen

Springfield & Tolworth Hospitals, Mental Health

Two new mental health hospitals for the South West London and St George’s NHS Mental Health Trust.

Stavtrup multi-purpose hall

A multi-purpose hall, which brings together Stavtrup's many sports- and leisure activities and with a simple and rational concept gives the users a sense of being gathered under one roof.

Stigsborg Waterfront, Urban spaces and Landscape

Transformation of an old industrial area into a new attractive district in central Aalborg. The ambition is to become the greenest district in Aalborg and pass down the DNA of the historic city centre.

Stockholm Globe Arena

Indoor multi-arena for up to 16,200 spectators.

Storkeengen (Stork Meadow)

Climate adaption project in Vorup near Randers that not only gives protection from any future flooding, but also brings the unique countryside along the Gudenå stream closer to Randers.

Städtisches Klinikum Braunschweig

Expansion and modernisation that combines a new building, an extension and an already existing building in a new and remodelled complex.

Sundsholmerne - EcoVillage

Sundsholmerne is a sustainable community located in Aalborg's new Stigsborg district. The buildings are DGNB Gold-certified and designed with full consideration for social, economic and environmental criteria.

Svinget - Homes in Nye

Affordable housing for the sustainable urban development NYE north of Aarhus.

Sølund urban nursing home

Ambitious pioneer project for the integration of care centres into the urban context while bringing together multiple generations in the same block.

Tampere Psychiatric Clinic

New psychiatric clinic at Tampere University Hospital, a building to support patients’ healing process and the staff’s work environment – a beneficial environment for the good of all.

Tenant consultancy, Danske Bank new Headquarter

Tenant consultancy for Danske Bank, which will move its head office to newly-built premises. C.F. Møller is assisting with important strategic advice which will ensure that the physical framework supports the bank's large-scale visions and ambitions.

The Danish Church, London

The project at St. Katharine’s Church consists of the full refurbishment and landscape design for the Grade II* Listed Gothic Revival Church at Regent’s Park, London.

The German Ministry for the Environment - BMU

The German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) is a sustainable timber-framed building with integrated solar panels and a strong focus on daylight and shared green spaces.

The Laindon Centre

The Laindon Centre is a mixed-use, regeneration masterplan in Laindon, Essex, which will create new residential neighbourhoods and re-establish a vibrant retail-led high street.

The Lake Square

Urban development project in Silkeborg that highlights and combines the best in the town with the wonderful surrounding countryside.

The New City, Oostende

Revitalisation of old social housing neighbourhood in Belgium by innovative and sustainable architecture.

The new SIMAC

The new SIMAC (Svendborg International Maritime Academy) is a beacon for future educational institutions which lights up through the integration of the city and the harbour.

The new SIMAC, Masterplan

A new masterplan for Svendborg harbour connects the city and the harbour with a new vibrant environment with business, education, recreation and climate protection.

The Nordhavn Islands

The Nordhavn Islands are an urban park on the water, connecting C.F. Møllers Copenhagen International School with the quarter and the quarter with the rest of Copenhagen.

The University of Aarhus

The University of Aarhus, which dates from 1931, is a unique and coherent university campus with consistent architecture, homogenous use of yellow brickwork and adaptation to the landscape.

Tolworth Hospital

A new mental health hospital for the South West London and St George’s NHS Mental Health Trust in Tolworth, London.

Train Station Hamburg-Altona

New train station at Hamburg-Altona that acts as a visionary landmark – both for Altona and for the whole of Hamburg – in that the station plays an active role in the urban development

Veddesta III

Located close to nature, Barkarby City will become one of Stockholm's regional centres in the future. Public transport makes housing and the many offices easily accessible, and the area will become an attractive location for business owners.


V-Houses are unique twin buildings located on the waterfront in Aalborg containing homes of all sizes. With their unique V-shaped footprint, they ensure that every apartment enjoys lots of light and a phenomenal view.

VIA University College, Campus Horsens

A new visionary campus that will unify different education programs in a vibrant and active educational setting deeply rooted in the city.

Waste sorting points in Copenhagen

The overriding ambition has been to reconcile requirements and requests for the city''s new waste sorting points in a strong and contemporary design concept.

Youth residencies at Randersvej

New residential complex for young people on Randersvej in Aarhus, as the setting for a modern student life with space for social interaction and privacy.

Aarhus University campus

University campus landscaped in the 1930s and continually renovated and expanded with new outdoor areas in line with the park's overall layout, choice of material and use.

Ascento - modular seat concept

Prize-winning modular series of bath and shower chairs that combine beautiful design with comfort and safety.

Central Station

A series of breakout and separating furniture designed to help link office work zones to social zones, so as to create coherence and give employees their own smaller spaces in a large room.

City Dox Brussels

Located alongside a canal, the City Dox provides wonderful views for every apartment. In between the buildings, green gardens provide a meeting point and remedies for biodiversity in the area.


New residential block with 220 apartments, based on Copenhagen’s architectural heritage by re-interpreting classical Copenhagen blocks of flats.

DFDS domicile, Tenant advicer

C.F. Møller Architects provide tenant advice to DFDS and help ensure that DFDS's new head office at Marmormolen in Copenhagen will support the activities of DFDS and create the best possible setting for the company.

Energy, Climate and Environmental Park

A unique amalgamation of energy production, water purification, resource recycling and climate management, designed as a public, recreational learning landscape

Geysir - Kv Hekla

New modern residential tower in Kista, north of Stockholm, with a food court on the ground floor and a green courtyard where residents and restaurateurs can grow their own vegetables.

Gränby - Östra Sala Backe

A new meeting place and destination in Uppsala – A new green city centre is created in Uppsala which aims to integrate with a culturally and historically important part of the city, whilst maintaining an inner-city feeling.

Hangar - Aalborg Airport

The new hangar supports Aalborg Airport's expansion plans with better facilities for employees and the opportunity to handle more and larger aircraft in a modern architectural framework.

HOFOR Kløvermarksvej, staff building & waste-water pumping station

Denmark’s largest waste-water pumping station combines operational solutions with an inspiring physical work environment.

Hybrid Tower

New residential tower in Västerås, west of Stockholm, with a green garden on the 15th floor, will be a striking new landmark for the town.

Kajstaden, Tall Timber Building

The Tall Timber Building residence has become a landmark and, during construction, became Sweden's tallest solid wooden building in the new district of Kajstaden at Lake Mälaren in Västerås.

Maestro, Cocktailbar

New cocktail bar in a durable and attractive design adapted to the other elements of Musikhuset Aarhus (Aarhus Concert Hall) in terms of materials and expression.

Max Planck Institute Heidelberg

The new Max Planck Institute for medical research will form an anchor point for the campus, stimulating further innovation for the historic Heidelberg University which has fostered six Nobel Prize laureates.

Najaden 1

New residential neighbourhood in Lund that takes advantage of the proximity of the lake and the countryside.

NorthernWing of Rigshospitalet, Phase 2, client consultancy

C.F. Møller Architects is the client consultant on the new NorthernWing of Rigshospitalet, Phase 2 which will accommodate patient wards, operating theatres, support functions and administration.


R.U.M. (ReUsed Materials) is a sustainable chair with a plastic shell made of fishing nets collected from the world’s oceans.

Randi Cone Collection

Decorative and functional series of accessories primarily for the bathroom, with many variations and applications.

Re-imagining the Garden City

Ideas competition for a 45ha large masterplan, based on a re-imagination of the principles behind the Garden City Movement, emphasising a sustainable and caring community

Residential Tower Neuländer Quarree

The residential tower is a bright, high-quality and exclusive residency. It has an outstanding architecture that reflects the maritime atmosphere and with its silhouette appears cubic and precise but lively at the same time.

Resource Centre at Coburg Crescent

A new resource and day centre for adults with learning disabilities, located in Tulse Hill, South London.

Rue de la Loi 130

The EU Commission’s new building is designed as a flagship for the EU and embodies openness, inclusivity and accessibility, with the aim of setting new standards for a sustainable future.

Siloen, Østre Havn in Aalborg

Reconstruction of the characteristic DLG silo in the Eastern Port of Aalborg is the setting for a new residential construction project with a unique location right out on the port's waterfront.

Sogn hageby

The aim of the new district, Sogn Hageby, is to create the framework for a new attractive destination in Oslo that is open, diverse and invites both residents and visitors to make use of the area.

Strandbakkehuset, children's hospice

The new children's hospice, Strandbakkehuset, unites architecture and nature, to create a secure foundation with a view to the philosophy of the hospice: life, play and relief.

Sundmolen, CPH Porthouse

86 new homes at Sundmolen in Copenhagen's inner Nordhavn district.

The Atlantic House

Family dwelling set on a rugged hillside along a scenic coastal route in Ireland.

The Village Sthlm

New residential quarter with environmentally friendly homes and courtyards in Stockholm's Hammarby Sjöstad.

Vendsyssel Hospital - extension and refurbishment

New treatment facility, mother and child unit and overall planning of the extension and refurbishment of the Vendsyssel Hospital site in Hjørring.

Villa B

Villa B is a family residence located on the east coast of Jutland with a unique view of the sea from all living areas and rooms.

Örnsro Timber Town in Örebro

Örnsro Timber Town is a visionary residential quarter in central Örebro that is built in solid timber and focuses on integrating nature into the urban landscape.

Aalborghus Slot

The vision transforms the historic area of Aalborg Midtby into a new, open and active district, which can communicate the city's history and ties the waterfront and the city centre closer together.

Aarhus University Hospital - AUH

The large hospital complex is organised like a town, with a hierarchy of neighbourhoods, streets and squares providing the basis for a diverse, dynamic, and green urban area.


BEAM-IT-UP is an innovative concept that creates new storage options in small and narrow spaces such as hallways and corridors.

Biomedicum, Karolinska Institutet

New, cutting-edge laboratory building to provide a unifying powerhouse for research at one of the world's leading medical universities - the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

Carlsberg Quarter, Christen Hus

Characteristic new office building in the heart of the Carlsberg Quarter, with an innovative natural stone façade and an open and transparent ground floor with café and shop.

CBS - Campus in society

Masterplan for Copenhagen Business School with the ambition to create one of the world’s best city campuses.

CeresByen, Bryggerhaven

Flats designed for students and young families as part of the Ceres City, a new quarter of Aarhus, Denmark on a former brewery site near the city centre.

CeresByen, masterplan and area plan

Transformation of the former Ceres Brewery site in central Aarhus into a mixed-use urban area with commerce, housing, education, cultural spaces and urban park.

Copenhagen Airport, extension and layout of Terminal 2

The extension of Terminal 2 at Copenhagen Airport looks to increase the commercial space offering and create a larger circulation area to accommodate the airport’s increased passenger volumes.

Falsterbo Kanalby

A new residential area and public attraction is proposed in the pine forests close to the bridge over the Falsterbo Canal, with an emphasis on social and ecological sustainability.

Feasability study Larvik station - Skagerraksporten

The “Skagerraksporten” (Port to Skagerrak) concept weaves together the architecture, public transport hub, harbour promenade and the rest of the centre of Larvik into a new, forward-looking district in Larvik.


Extensive renovation and modernisation of the laboratory and educational building Gemini to comply with future learning and energy standards, based on its special historical architectural character.

Gruner + Jahr Headquarter

The new headquarters for Gruner + Jahr have been designed as a dynamic modern framework – for workplaces, conferences and customers – and as a flexible ‘generator’, creating an urban feel in the direct interaction between city and modern office building

Haraldsplass Hospital - new ward building

New main building with wards, emergency room and recycling centre. The traditional, long hospital corridors have been replaced by an open model and common open areas that provide efficient logistics and a view from all patient rooms.

High-rise in Nordhafen

Landmark for Europacity, a central urban-development area close to the main railway station in Berlin that extends along the Hohenzollern Canal and the former river port of Nordhafen.

HSB 2023 - Hagastaden

Wood residential complex in Stockholm offering attractive, functional and flexible spaces and quality of life through integration of residents, comunity and urban life.

ITU headquarter in Geneva

A proposal for an office and work environment that balances clear requirements for security with a transparent appearance in dialogue with the city.

New Tiunda School

Modern school and pre-school with the aim to create a future-proof learning environment, attractive, safe and accessible to everyone.

Nordre Havnepromenade

New harbourside residential area in Nørresundby near Aalborg, with homes for families and young people, who can enjoy diversity and recreational opportunities close to the former industrial harbour.


A social meeting place in the form of a diverse and active park that embraces the general public and inspires more play, movement and proximity to nature.

Springfield Park

New public parkland on a former golf course area in southwest London.

Taphede new Urban Quarter

With 191 hectares of land and 1,500 new homes, the new quarter in Taphede, east of Viborg, will be one of the largest urban development projects ever undertaken by Viborg Municipality.

The Climate Ribbon in Randers

Climate adaptation project that demonstrates that sea level rise, storm surges and increasing cloudbursts are not a challenge, but an opportunity to strengthen local identity, urban connection and increase the value of future urban development.

The Heart in Ikast

'The Heart' in Ikast is a new meeting point for culture and communication that combines education, activities, community, exercise and recreational pursuits in new ways.

The Heart in Ikast - Activity band

Dynamic and sustainable of activity landscape around ‘The Heart’ – Ikast’s new gathering and activity point that brings together teaching, sport, leisure, culture and social elements.

The neighborhood Galten

A new quarter in the heart of Lund, which, with its own shops and urban spaces, a cinema and a large green courtyard, creates a mini-city with its own unique identity, where everyday life, good communities and proximity to green surroundings can be enjoyed

Tofta shooting range

New premises for the expansion of The Swedish Armed Forces capacity on the Baltic island of Gotland.

Trelleborg Business Connection

A sustainable and innovative district where integrated landscape design and smart circular systems contribute to a strong international brand for Trelleborg.

Täby Park School

The proposal for the new Täby Park School creates urban life, and unites the city and its green spaces through its form and functionality.

Valby Machinery Halls: Assembly Hall

A former industrial hall, where the original industrial expression is preserved, while filling the interior with modern commercial premises and homes, and also an event and community building.

ZHAW campus winterthur

The new technical university Campus ZHAW forms a transparent and creative hub for technical knowledge and cutting-edge innovation and is closely integrated with the surroundings.

Carlsberg Byen, masterplan

C.F. Møller has developed and adapted part of the Carlsberg Quarter's original masterplan, to bring it in line with current needs and requirements.

City track, Stockholm

Southern part of the City Line, a new railway tunnel for commuter trains built under Stockholm's city centre.

Community centre, Viby South

The community centre will be the new rendezvous of Viby South - the district, today challenged by social problems, is to be transformed into an attractive residential area.

Copenhagen International School - Nordhavn

New school building for the Copenhagen International School designed to link the school premises with the public sphere in the urban environment.

Copenhagen International School, Landscape

A playful landscape surrounding the new Copenhagen International School at Nordhavn, Copenhagen, sets the framework for play and activities for all of the school's age groups.

Devoldholmen, Kristiansund

A complex of campus, housing and commercial buildings at Devoldholmen, Kristiansund. The main themes are high quality outdoor spaces and a distinct architectural design that accommodates considerable variation in use and change over time.

Ensō cutlery

A well-balanced and attractive cutlery set comprising a knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon designed by C.F. Møller Design for Danish AIDA.

Greenwich Peninsula Low Carbon Energy Centre

Combined heat and power (CHP) energy plant designed as an art and architecture collaboration for the Greenwich Peninsula urban development.


400 homes on one of the Port of Aarhus' most attractive sites.

Herningsholm Vocational School

Vocational school with a focus on creating optimal learning environments that recognizes architecture's significant impact on learning processes.

Hörnum Port Regeneration

Proposal for the rehabilitation and re-design of the port of Hörnum on the Wadden Sea island Sylt.

Krebsestien - nursing homes

New nursing homes in Gjesing with 100 new homes that also form the center of a senior town that connects the nursing home centre with the rest of Gjesing.

Køge University Hospital

The new Køge University Hospital will triple the size of the existing Køge Hospital, whilst maintaining and continuing to develop the hospital's simple and manageable structure.

Køge University Hospital, Landscape

New climate-resilient landscape park with nature and water as prominent urban features, activating and connecting the hospital with the landscape and the surrounding town.

Maersk Tower, extension of the Panum complex at the University of Copenhagen

The Maersk Tower is a state-of-the-art research building whose innovative architecture creates the optimum framework for world-class health research.

Montessori School Bali

New school on Bali inspired by the Montessori principles, emphasising interaction with nature and freedom to become absorbed through inquisitiveness and play.

NORD - outdoor furniture

A new line of outdoor furniture with bench, plinth, table and chair in a minimalistic design that reflects in both construction, design and price.

Odeon Music and Theatre Hall

New music and theatre hall with four stages and The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts under one roof.

Parish community centre for Nibe Church

New parish community centre for Nibe Church that fits into the city's historic centre, but also adds to the experience that Nibe is a town in continuous development.

Storstrøm Prison

With architecture that supports inmates’ mental and physical well-being, Storstrøm Prison will be the setting for the world’s most humane and resocialising prison.

UHZ Heart Centre

New Heart Centre at the UKE Eppendorf Clinic, with emergency treatments, OP theatres, day clinics and both ICU and regular ward facilities.

Urban furniture for the Aarhus Light Rail

New custom-designed line of equipment for the arrival areas outside the new light rail stations in Aarhus

Zenhouses, high-profile environmental development

The Zenhouses stands where the city and the countryside meet in the new district of Norra Djurgårdsstaden in Stockholm.

Aalborg Cultural Bridge

A new pedestrian and cycling bridge, attached to the existing railroad bridge across Limfjorden.

Aarhus University Hospital interior & signage

Interior and signage for the entire new Aarhus University Hospital complex.

Årstafältet - housing in Stockholm

Valla 1 is a new residential area with around 90 apartments adjacent to Stockholm's extensive nature park, Årstafältet, as part of a master plan for the entire area.

Bestseller Logistics Centre North

A logistics centre to supply clothing company Bestseller’s stores all over Europe.

Christiansholm Masterplan

The renewal of Christiansholm (aka Paper Island) with cultural venues, green urban spaces and harbourside amenities will create welcoming and diverse urban life on this island.

City to the Water - pre-planning analysis

City development that puts into use a wide spectrum of steps to conjoin urban life, nature, climate adjustment, traffic and overall finances - and connect the medieval city of Randers, Denmark, with its surrounding nature and water

Collection Center of the Netherlands

Collection Center of the Netherlands is a new museum archive in Amersfoort that is to handle repository functions for four different museums, including the Rijksmuseum.

Deloitte Office Building in Esbjerg

New office building for Deloitte consultants in urban development area close to the port.

Gustavsbergs Centre

Urban development proposal for the Swedish town Gustavsberg by means of a recreational revitalization of the town's centre.

Hamar - Getting The Town Closer to Mjøsa

Investigation of opportunities for the urban development of the Norwegian town of Hamar, re-routing railway lines to bring the city closer to lake Mjøsa

Hvidovre Hospital – Wards

C.F. Møller is behind a new ward project at Hvidovre Hospital, Copenhagen, comprising 90 new patient rooms that will optimize the opportunities for what a ward can do.

Karré 1, Phase 1

High-rise apartment building in central Odense on the city's old abattoir site.

Molde Cultural School

An inspiring new framework for cultural activities at Molde’s old prison site. The culture school integrates Molde’s former prison and town hall, both of which are listed buildings.


New housing development in the Danish city Odense inspired by the typology of the monastery.

Musikhuset Aarhus, booking office

Aarhus Musikhus has updated its booking office, which is now adapted to the modern, digital and internet based world we live in.

Norwegian-German Chamber of Commerce

Restoration and remodelling of the Norwegian-German Chamber of Commerce's main building, and extension and transformation of the porter’s lodge.

Pharma Science Building

Modern laboratory building that strengthens cross-disciplinary scientific activities and makes Copenhagen University's Pharmaceutical Faculty visible in the city scene.

Port of Aarhus, Port Centre

New Port Centre which unites administration, workshops, customer reception centre, public eatery, staff welfare facilities and commercial units for lease.

Port of Aarhus, Warehouse 404 - Samskip

New warehouse building in the Port of Aarhus for the Samskip shipping company, with references to other warehouses designed by C.F. Møller in the Port of Aarhus.

Sassari Hospital

Plan to connect two neighbouring hospitals in the Italian provins of Sardinia inlogistically, functionally and visually.

Sundparken, Himmerland housing association, departments 19 & 22

Transformation of a 1970s prefab public housing estate into a sustainable garden city, featuring new types of homes and shared facilities.

Vestby Centre

From buildings without an identity to living buildings: Development of the urban centre of the future in Vestby, Norway.

VIA Interior & Exterior

A complete and consistent sign programme for indoor and outdoor use.

Villa Araca

A villa on top of a hill in Hillerød overlooking the magnificent Frederiksberg Palace and the palace gardens.

Villa in Zealand

New construction of a villa which reinterprets the English country home with a modern and more Nordic expression.

Villa Rypen

A detached house with a unique location on the edge of a forest in Aarhus, that generously invites nature in.

Värtaterminalen Ferry terminal, Stockholm

Terminal for Stockholm's permanent ferry connection to Finland and the Baltics.

Aarhus Theatre

Extensions, maintenance and refurbishment work of the original 1900 theatre by Hack Kampmann.

Acute Wards - New Bispebjerg Hospital

New Acute Wards as a modern reinterpretation of Bispebjerg Hospital's historical pavilions and gardens from 1913

Akershus University Hospital (New Ahus)

The largest in a series of new hospitals in Norway, created as a friendly, informal and comprehensible place through evidence-based design

Alviks Tower

18-storey landmark housing complex on the Stockholm waterfront overlooking Lake Mälaren.

Arveset farm - Reinterpretation of historic farm buildings

Reinterpretation of historic farm buildings i Oslo, Norway's capital city, as part of a residential centre for the homeless.

Bestseller Office Complex

New, sustainable administration building for the Bestseller fashion group.

Bestseller office complex, Landscape

Outdoor areas, green courtyard atriums and design of rooftop gardens in connection with Bestseller’s office building at Aarhus Harbour.

Brønderslev Health Centre

Health centre for diverse professional health community in the Danish city of Brønderslev, North Jutland.

Cabinn Hotel, Aarhus C

Extension of the Cabinn Hotel in the heart of Aarhus, facing the city squares and cathedral on the one side and the cafés along Aarhus River on the other.

Campus Hall, University of Southern Denmark

250 student residences located in three interconnected 15-storey buildings. The design is based on a strong community spirit.

Campus Hall, University of Southern Denmark, Landscape

Plaza and park at Odense University halls of residence with space to relax and engage in sports activities. There are opportunities to watch the sun go down from patios and steps along the existing lake.

Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelt Museum

An art museum for the work of the Danish artist couple Carl-Henning Pedersen and Else Alfelt.

CeresByen, Ceres Corner

Residential project with 128 flats for students and young families in Aarhus' new quarter, CeresByen.

Domus Media

Interior and exterior restoration of the West Wing of Domus Media and the Main Hall at the University of Oslo.

Elmwood Court

Social housing that continues and updates the classic Victorian terrace.

Greenwich Peninsula Riverside, The Moore

Two ten-storey residential buildings with 144 units of private, shared ownership and social rent tenures in the Greenwich Peninsula urban area.

Holmen's Church annex

Annex building for Holmens Kirke, the oldest Renaissance building in Copenhagen, with staff facilities, offices and a parish hall.

HSB 2023 - Fleminggatan

Winning design for the transformation of an office buildings in central Stockholm to innovative and sustainable housing.

HSB 2023 - Västerbroplan

Winning design for a 34-floor wooden apartment building in a central Stockholm location.

Magisterparken, Himmerland Housing Association

Renovation and restructuring of affordable housing scheme focusing on sustainable energy, new appartment types, accessibility and shared outdoor areas.

Meanderbyen Nodeland

Study for the urban development of the Norwegian town of Nodeland.

Milkwood Road

Social Housing with townhouses and apartments in Herne Hill, London.

New Herlev Hospital, Technical services complex

Expansion and modernization of the service building for New Hospital Herlev, whereby user processes, employees and logistics have been the focus in the shaping of the physical framework.

New Ogna School

Modern, future-oriented learning environment in the Norwegian town of Ogna - and also the local gathering point.

NT Bus Stop Concept

Design for bus stop equipment in the North Denmark Region


Vision for Slemmestad, transforming the industrial site into an exclusive coastal town on the Oslo fjord.

The Hundred Year Home

Our submission for the 2015 Sunday Times British Home Awards, 'The Hundred Year Home'.

The Panum complex - refurbishment of labs

Refurbishment of laboratories, minor extensions, exterior renovation and building maintenance.

The Technical Faculty - SDU

The Technical Faculty constitutes a shared research and education environment for four different institutes at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

Uppsala combined heat and power plant

Town, park and industrial interests conjoin in Uppsala's new combined heat and power plant.

Villa U

Two-storey home in scenic location near Aarhus

Woodlands Integrated Healthcare Campus (Singapore)

New integrated healthcare campus in Singapores northern Woodlands region comprising acute care hospital, community hospital and nursing home.

Aalborg Waterfront II

The master plan for the second stage of Aalborg Waterfront is based on the principles from the first stage, with the promenade as a unifying element. It has also drawn inspiration from the meeting between the dunes and the flat foreshore.

AUH, Transformer Stations

2 independent 60/15kW transformer stations to supply the new University Hospital in Aarhus with auxilliary back-up power

Compressor station Egtved

Natural gas plant consisting of compressor station and service buildings.

Danish Salvage & Towing Company

The new domicile of the Danish Salvage & Towing Company (DBB) occupies a unique and prominent position on the outer edge of the multi-terminal.

Danish Technological Institute, DMRI

State-of-the-art research facilities for world-leading Danish centre of excellence in solutions for the meat industry.

Danmarks Radio, Aarhus - decor

New decor and colour palette for meeting rooms, newsrooms and audience areas.

DR - Danish Broadcasting Corporation

A TV and radio broadcasting centre built over several periods from the mid-seventies onwards.

Ensō tableware

Ensō is a complete set of tableware, made respectively in the whitest glossy porcelain and matt anthracite grey stoneware.

Greenhouse in the Botanic Garden, University of Aarhus

Restoration and extension of the greenhouse in the Botanic Garden in Aarhus.

Lab and research building for ETH Zürichs branch in Basel

A laboratory building for one of the world's leading scientific teaching and research environments in Basel, Switzerland.

Landscape for the extension of the hothouse in the Botanic Garden in Aarhus

Interior and exterior landscape for the extension of the hothouse in the Botanic Garden in Aarhus.

Logstar - Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark

Logistics centre near Randers for the French construction firm Saint-Gobain's Danish deliveries.


LED-streetlight with a minimalist design that blends seamlessly into many different urban landscapes.

Mount - modular concrete staircase

A modular staircase system which turns conventional ideas about production, transportation and fitting of concrete staircases inside out.

New North Zealand Hospital

Competition proposal for new acute hospital where architecture blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings to create a pleasant place for patients, a functional workplace and a recreational oasis for everyone living in the local area.

Panum - Faculty administration

Renovation of the HEALTH faculty at the University of Copenhagen that converts previously dark spaces into a modern, bright and varied working environment with room for new forms of cooperation

Randi-Line Linie 18

Comprehensive range of stainless steel fittings as a simplified version of C.F. Møller's exclusive Randi-Line Coupé door fittings.

Revitalisation of Ravnkloa

Revitalization of Ravnkloa, one of Trondheim's historical plazas, with a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists and urban spaces along a new canal pathway.

Slottsvika Cabin

Modern Norwegian cottage in solid wood designed to bring in the panoramic fjord views of the archipelago.

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum

Extensions of the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg.

The Fuglsang Lake Centre

New activity centre for the elderly, with a total of 112 residences grouped in small, intimate units.

The National Gallery London, Gallery A

New exhibition gallery in a former storage space at the National Gallery in London.

The Vasa Museum, redevelopment and extension

Redevelopment and extension of Sweden's largest tourist attraction, ensuring improved accessibility for all and increased visitor capacity.

UiO Life Science Center

Research and teaching building for the Institute for Life Sciences, Chemistry and Pharmacy at Oslo University (UiO).

Villa R

Villa in a forest edge.

Örebro Resecentrum

Proposals for redesign of traffic node in the Swedish town of Örebro.

Ålgård centrum

Development of Ålgård from urban sprawl into a small town.

AUH, sector planning

Function planning and activity and capacity analyses in relation to The New University Hospital in Aarhus.


Development plan for Brekstad, a coastal town on Trondheimsfjord in Norway expected to grow fast due to the establishment of a new fighter jet base in the area.

Førde Central Hospital, user consultation

Area plan designed to provide a long-term basis for the planning of infrastructure ensuring that user-groups will be heard.

GIS buildings

Design concept for GIS buildings, i.e. gas-insulated switchgear.

HAB Varbergparken block 15

Renovation and conversion of a residential housing block built in the 1970s into a more energy efficient building.

Harbour Stones, Lindholmen, Gothenburg

Master plan for a new housing district in the Lindholm area of Gothenburg's old industrial port.

Henius House

240 new youth residences on the former industrial site Eternitten in Aalborg, as part of the areas transformation from cement industry to new urban district.

Hotel d'Angleterre, renovation

Renovation of one of Denmark's most famous hotels - the five star Hotel d'Angleterre, built in the 17th century and situated at Kongens Nytorv in central Copenhagen.

International School Ikast-Brande

New building for the International School Ikast-Brande including a school, after-school and kindergarten

KUNSTEN – master plan for restoration and revitalisation

Masterplan advising the necessary measures for bringing KUNSTEN at level with its functions as a modern cultural institution placed in a preserved building complex.

Long Lane, Cambridge

Housing project for 273 sustainable homes (CSH level 4) designed to Scandinavian principles around a recreational park area as part of the Great Kneighton expansion of Cambridge.

Mayfair Apartment, London

Apartment refurbishment in Mayfair, London.

Musholm Bay Holiday Center, expansion

Competition proposal for expansion with great respect and empathy for the existing architecture.

National Diabetes Centre

New national institution for diabetes comprising research centre and treatment of complicated cases at King Saud University, Riyadh.

New auditorium at Aalborg University

New auditorium designed as a landmark and a characteristic hallmark for the university and centrally located meeting spaces for employees and students.

New Frogner Nursing Home

The Five Gardens is a nursing home for patients with dementia, with five green atriums and organic, circular flows.

New head office for the Codan insurance company

Cooperation across departments has been the key focus of the proposal for a new head office for the Codan insurance company in Ørestaden.

Point Hyllie

Four tower blocks with apartments as well as offices and shops, forming an important part of the new urban space around Hyllie station square.

Queen Ingrid’s Hospital, National Hospital of Greenland, Nuuk

New emergency department, clinic, patient hotel and psychiatric department, and refurbishment of existing buildings.

Sct. Hans Forensic Psychiatry Hospital

Proposal for the extension of the psychiatric Sct. Hans Hospital.

Skipark 360°

The world's most complete indoor ski park.


Master plan for the area at Slussen (the Sluice) in Stockholm, which connects Södermalm and Gamla Stan.

Springfield University Hospital, health service planning

Function planning, capacity and activity analyses, compiling of the main function programme and implementing user meetings.

Sykkylven city center

Plan for a densified center with additional blocks, a new town hall and waterfront in combination with the preservation of green surrounding areas.

Sæby Strand - social housing

Social housing located on a scenic site overlooking the Kattegat.

Teko Center Denmark

Clothing and knitwear school in Birk Centerpark near Herning, Denmark.

The Core Centre at AUH (part of The New University Hospital in Aarhus)

Core Centre laboratories concentrating clinical research at the Aarhus University Hospital in two of the three towers that constitute the main arrivals area.

The future Madla-Revheim

Proposal for a new sustainable urban development few minutes from Stavanger.

The Summits

Proposal for commercial office spaces in Ørestaden.

The Town of Sørumsand

Development plan for the town of Sørumsand, creating an attractive and dense suburban environment, with minimum vehicular traffic.

Vejle Hospital, general plan

General plan with the aim of converting Vejle Hospital into a specialist hospital with focus on cancer treatment.

Aalborg Waterfront

Masterplan for Aalborg Waterfront, re-establishing the link between the strait and the city's medieval centre with a promenade.

Athletes Village, plot N13 London Olympics 2012

Housing designed as part of the Olympic Village in London. After the Games the new village will offer a revitalized area with sustainable housing to approx. 10,000 Londoners.

Athletes Village, Plots N13 and N26 podium gardens

Landscape design of podium gardens re-creating the lost ecological values in a once ecologically rich region.

Bestseller Logistikcenter Nord, Landscape

Masterplan for a modern sustainable large-scale industrial compound on a greenfield site.

BIOVAF - Research Centre, the Technical University of Denmark

Competition proposal for a new research centre that will extend the building complex of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) at its Lyngby Campus.

Brogården, Guesthouse

Guesthouse for course centre with space for 14 families with disabled children.

Copenhagen Arena

Competition proposal for new multifunctional arena for shows and sports events accommodating 15000 spectators

DSB-areas and Bus terminal in Aarhus

Masterplan for the transformation of former bus terminals and railyards in Aarhus.

Friends Arena

Sweden's national stadium accomodating up to 65,000 spectators.


Series of office furniture with free-standing podiums and upper modules.

Greenwich Peninsula, Plot M0116

High-density housing development on post-industrial land south of the Millennium Dome, London.

Health and community centre, Aalborg East

A unifying centre in an otherwise monotonous residential area, which besides health functions houses a café, public education and fitness facilities.

IHA Katrinebjerg

New facilities for the IHA Engineering College of Aarhus.

Motorway Kliplev-Sønderborg

Landscape and bridge design solutions for 25 km new motorway from Kliplev to Sønderborg.

Museum Heritage of the Coast

Proposal for three new buildings shaped like boat houses.

New life for old swimming baths: Ringkøbing Swimming Centre

The catalogue of ideas 'New life for old swimming baths' proposes how best to transform old swimming baths into modern swimming pools and wellness centres. Ringkøbing Swimming Centre is the pilot project.

Port of Haderslev

A comprehensive plan for conversion of a 19-hectare former harbour site into a new urban district with housing, business and recreational areas.

SEB Campus

New HQ with 6000 workplaces for the bank and pensions concern SEB in Stockholm's Royal Seaport development area.

Sogn & Fjordane Art Museum

Thanks to its striking exterior reminiscent of an ice block, Sogn and Fjordane Art Museum has become a new landmark in Førde.

Straume sentrum festplass og høyhus

Masterplan for urban renewal of Straume in Norway, including a festival square for large public events, and a striking new high-rise building with a conference centre, offices and a hotel.

Sølvgade School

Renovation and extension of Denmark's oldest school built in 1847.

The A.P. Møller School

Danish co-educational school for the Danish School Association of Southern Schleswig.

The Beach Houses, senior homes in Haderslev Harbour

Senior homes in Haderslev Harbour, beautifully located in four blocks overlooking the town, the fjord and the harbour.

TrygFonden's Family House

Patient hotel for the families of seriously ill children admitted to the New University Hospital in Aarhus.

Viborg Regional Hospital, new acute treatment center

Competition proposal for additional building with new main entrance and a separate entrance for the emergency room.

Villa G

A modern interpretation of a classic farmhouse layout in a protected area surrounded by fields and woods.

Västhamnen Containerterminal Helsingborg

Project proposal to transform Helsingborgs Hamn AB's container terminal into a contemporary and efficient terminal.

Brabrand Rowing Club

New judges' stand and clubhouse built together with the existing boathouse.

Cavere - Care Solutions

High quality components for the interior design of bathrooms with the aim of improving daily life for elderly and disabled persons - without necessarily radiating disability.

Comfort House

Single-family house built according to the 'passive house' principle.

Company House III, Skejby

Office building awarded the DGNB silver medal and the accolade 'Very Good' from the British standard BREEAM.

DNV Gødstrup

Competition proposal for a new hospital in western Denmark.

Emergency and Infectious Diseases Unit, SUS - interior design solution

Interior design solution and custom furniture for the Emergency and Infectious Diseases Unit, SUS.

Emergency and Infectious Diseases Unit, SUS, Malmö

Emergency and Infectious Diseases Unit designed to minimize the risk of spreading diseases.

FLSmidth - domicile in India

Office building for FLSmidth with room for 2,500 IT workplaces designed making use of traditional local ways of climatic adaption.

Hospice Djursland

Hospice with room for 15 patients.

Hospice Djursland, Landscape

Gardens for the residents at Hospice Djursland.

LP Cupola

A contemporary and maintenance-free reinterpretation of the fitting originally designed for the University Park in Aarhus, Denmark.


Office building situated on the boulevard in Ørestaden, a new suburb on the island of Amager just outside Copenhagen.

National Maritime Museum, The Sammy Ofer Wing

Extension of the National Maritime Museum, the world's largest maritime collection, housed in historic buildings part of the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site.

Sixtus Battery

Restoration of the listed fortification Battery Sixtus on Holmen.

The Opera Pavilion

A shelter by the water bus quay, accommodating guests for the Opera House in Copenhagen.

The San Martino Museum, Gastronomic Academy

The conversion of a medieval area in the San Martino Museum in Naples.

Vejle FC Club house & Training grounds

Vejle FC’s new club facilities at Bredal Kær includes 6 playing fields, a new clubhouse and changing rooms.

Vejle Hospital, part of the Lillebælt Hospital

Masterplan, building extensions and renewals for Vejle Hospital.

Viby South - master plan

Master plan for the regeneration of three social housing complexes in Viby South, Aarhus, into a more attractive neighbourhood.

Vitus Bering Innovation Park

Extension to the educational institution University College Vitus Bering Denmark, with room for both teaching and entrepreneurs.

Ålesund Hospital, new paediatric unit

New children's ward operating on children's terms.

Aarhus University, Social Sciences Library interior

New design solution for the Library of the Faculty of Social Sciences aimed at making original and new space appear as one single continuous space.

AquaDomi - floating hotels

Floating hotel concepts in star-shaped and Z-shaped versions to adapt to different water areas.

Birk Centerpark

Functionally mixed urban area, in which the landscape, architecture and artistic elements are combined in exemplary fashion.

Bårliskogen sheltered housing

Bårliskogen sheltered housing: 16 residences for the physically and psychologically disabled.

Centre for Democracy and Conflict Resolution

Proposal for an incubator park for the social sciences at the University of Essex.

Continental tower block, Stockholm

A 30-storey hotel and office tower in the centre of Stockholm.

Cortex Park

Research and Knowledge Park and Portal Zone at the University of Southern Denmark.

CWO Car Park

Multi-storey car park with 350 p-spaces.

Danish Neuroscience Research Centre - Client consultancy

Client advisor for an extension of Aarhus Hospital with a new neuroscience research centre.

Darwin Centre phase II

Extension of the Natural History Museum in London, taking the form of an enormous cocoon in a glass covering.

Darwin Centre phase II, Landscape

Garden shaped as an amphitheatre as part of the extension of the Natural History Museum in London.

Duemosepark, phase 1, 2 and 3

Residential development on a site in Farum with 52 and 54 flats, respectively, and 22 terraced houses .

EIA report for Aarhus Light Rail Line

EIA report for a light rail line from Lystrup to Aarhus Central Station.

Eleda Stadium

Multi-use stadium with a capacity of 21,000 people.

Friis, Aalborg City centre

Friis is a combined shopping centre, car park, hotel, office and business centre.

GAPS – new psychiatric hospital in Slagelse

Competition proposal for new psychiatric hospital to combine four facilities into one complex connected to the Slagelse Hospital.

Glostrup Storcenter

Renovation and extension of the shopping centre in Glostrup built in the 1970s.

GoBiGas biogas plant

A biogas production plant – Project GoBiGas – which uses intermittent combustion primarily of forest residues to produce CNG (compressed natural gas).

Halsskov Maritime Village

Transformation of the former Halsskov Harbour ferry port into a new urban quarter with approximately 600 homes.

Incuba Science Park, Katrinebjerg

A new creative complex where innovative IT companies, graduate training, research and advanced technology co-exist side by side.

Laboratories, Haukeland University Hospital

Ten-storey laboratory building directly connected to the existing hospital.

Low-energy office building for the Municipality of Aarhus

Low-energy office Building for the Municipality of Aarhus, focusing on both low energy consumption and a good working environment and indoor climate.


Competition proposal for Navitas Park, a new hub for innovation, education and energy on the docklands of Aarhus.


Transformation of former silo complex into flats.

Vestas A/S, Randers

Wind turbine factory alongside the motorway, has been extended in several stages since its inauguration in 1994.

Älvstranden Education Centre

A conversion of the existing Älvstrandsgymnasiet into an education centre with i.e. primary school, grammar school, and adult education.

Aarhus Gymnastics and Motor Skills Hall

The Motor Skills Hall is a sports hall designed to encourage children to practise physical movement.

Aarhus School of Business

Institute of higher education in the north of Aarhus, built up around relaxation and courtyard spaces.

Advice - House

The Advice House interior is an open and flexible office layout offering a variety of views.

ARKEN, extension

Extension of ARKEN Museum of Modern Art.

Atelier and guest house

Atelier and guest-house for a private residence reclining in a coastal slope.

Auto College

New-built educational facilities including teaching, workshops and administration for one of Denmark's largest technical colleges within the motor industry.

Bislett Stadium

A new stadium built over the famous Bislett Stadium in Oslo.

Business College Sønderborg

Extension of Business College Sønderborg as well as redesign of the school building erected in 1968.

Cancer Centre ”Villa Vita”

Proposal for counselling centre for cancer patients.

Children's House Dragen

One of the first Danish kindergartens to be built as a passive house, with minimal energy consumption.

Cutty Sark Gardens

Proposal for the re-design of the public plaza surrounding the Grade I listed Cutty Sark ship.

Danish Poster Museum in The Old Town

Danish Poster Museum as part of the newly recreated 19th century urban setting, in the Old Town National Open Air Museum.

Development plan for “Spinderierne”, Vejle

Proposal for the transformation of the industrial zone of 'Spinderierne' in Vejle into a new powerhouse for culture and business.

Finderup Park

Mixed-use complex with apartments for both students and families - with balconies facing the complex' green courtyards and terrasses.

General plan of Psychiatry in the Region South Denmark, sector planning

Psychiatry plan, "Psychiatry of the Future", covering the combined psychiatric services in the Region South Denmark

Gentofte Hospital

Extension of Gentofte Hospital. The main idea is to insert a new, modern core in the original figure-eight shaped complex.


Proposal for zero-energy collective housing on the Aalborg Waterfront.

Passive house concepts built of lightweight concrete panels

Single-family house and apartments constructed of lightweight concrete panels designed according to the 'passive house' principle.

Port of Aarhus, Inspection Centre

New veterinary, food and tax inspection centre, located in conjunction with the container terminal at the Port of Aarhus.

Ryesgade 60-64, renovation of facades

Renovation of façades on a 1964 block of flats in Copenhagen to minimize the energy consumption.

Skyview, Stockholm

SkyView is an attraction, consisting of two glass gondolas, lifting visitors up along the outside of Stockholm’s multipurpose arena the Ericsson Globe Arena.

The World Village of Women Sports

Proposal for an urban centre for research and education in women's sports.

Vendsyssel Art Museum

Art museum housed in former clothing factory, and later extension.

Vendsyssel Art Museum - extension

Extension of Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum located beneath the museum courtyard.

Vestfold Hospital, masterplan

Masterplan for the extension and rebuild of Vestfold Hospital in Tønsberg, Norway.

Villa Alstrup

Villa at the North Sea coast designed as an energy-plus house, which means that it produces more electricity and heat than it uses.


Auditorium seats with a waving back that provides a high level of design and comfort.

Ängelholm public swimming baths

Proposal for new public swimming baths close to the woods of Ängelholm Kommune.

A.P. Møller School - Interior design solution

Interior design solution and custom furniture for the A.P. Møller School.

Amerikaplads - squares, parkingfacilities ect.

Paving, squares and parkingfacilities in new housing area at Søndre Frihavn, Copenhagen.

C.F. Møller Architects' branch office in Copenhagen

Conversion of former education facilities into offices for the Copenhagen branch of C.F. Møller Architects.

Camillo Eitzen House/The Anchor

Residential and business property united in a single architectural attitude.

Daka Biodiesel plant

Production plant for biodiesel manufacture.

Egetæpper - Extension

Extension of existing administration block with new showroom, office area and meeting facilities.


27 residences in idyllic hilly landscape on the borderline between town and country.


A visionary plan for a former industrial site.

Fjordbyen, Port of Haderslev

First stage of a masterplan for the Port of Haderslev consisting of 10 terraced houses and 24 apartments.

Fleetbank House

A low-rise, faceted scheme which will incorporate sustainable commercial office space and retail space.

GH3 ceiling-mounted hoist system

Ceiling-mounted hoist system for the health sector that easily fits in with the architecture.

Holiday Cottage Beck

Holiday cottage situated in Holmslands Klit by the Danish west coast.

Incuba Science Park, Skejby

Research facilities for the biotech research initiative Science Park Skejby.

Klitheden, Housing complex in Blokhus

Housing complex with 135 houses on a nature ground in Hune, Denmark.

Landspitali University Hospital, Reykjavik

The new university hospital unites modern hospital planning and targeted treatment with clear and simple architecture.


This project involved the development of a new façade system for a town house in central Copenhagen.

Sanistål A/S, Taulov

The Sanistål warehouse in Taulov near Fredericia is Denmark's largest steel warehouse.

Sluseholmen, the housing block Fyrholm

Facade design for two residential buildings in Sydhavn.

The Amager Centre

New facade concept for the Amager Centre with continuous pallets variating in color and shape.

The Concert Hall Aarhus, extension

Extension of the Concert Hall Aarhus, concert and educational institution of international standard.

The LM Project – The Mermaid Tower and the Rock

Competition proposal for powerfully sculptural office buildings on Langelinie and Marmormolen quays, linked by a pedestrian and cycle bridge.

Ullevål University Hospital - Healthcare Planning

Health planning, capacity calculation and related architectural projects.


A range of furniture specially designed for waiting rooms. Two or more units can be combined to create a linear seating group.


Series of benches and standing tables for foyers and large public spaces designed for the Concert Hall Aarhus.

C.F. Møller Architects' head offices

C.F. Møller Architects' head offices on the top five storeys of the distinctive 12-storey Europahuset tower block.

Church Square, Holstebro

Reorganisation and renewal of the areas around Holstebro Church and the main entrance to Holstebro Town Hall and Library.


Housing scheme with 20 apartments in central Haderslev.

Farsø town centre

Master plan for urban renewal of Farsø town centre.

Herning Gymnasium

Extension and rebuilding of Herning Secondary School.

Kongebro centre

Residential home with 28 flexibly-organised dwellings

Køge Åhavn

First phase of a housing scheme at the inner harbour in Køge.


Two single-family houses and two summer houses designed for the construction company M2.

Maritime Museum

Competition proposal for a new maritime museum located in an eight-metre deep dry dock in the former Helsingør Shipyard.

Mosque and Islamic Centre

Modernistic mosque with many elements drawn from Islamic architecture.

Museum of Modern Art Warsaw

Competition proposal for a new art museum in Warsaw.

National Archives PPP - Client consultancy

Client consultancy in relation to the filing and keeping of archives.

Randi-Line Komé

Complete range of door handles, thumb turn knobs, rosettes, and backplates.

Rebuilding of Randers Stadium

The stadium has been improved on the inside with new facilities and the facade has been shaped like a crystal.

The Archaeological Museum in Bari

New archaeological museum built from an old church and convent, with archaeological garden.

The Concert Hall, decor and custom fixtures

Decor of the extension of the Concert Hall in Aarhus including new reception and design of furnitures for the foyer, decor of a new kitchen and canteen and also general posting of signs.

The Keops Colleges, Bispebjerg

252-room student hall of residence in two tower blocks of nine and ten storeys.

ZIP House

Holiday home designed for M2.


A range of upholstered furniture, including seating and tables.

Friblick, forensic psychiatric center

Competition proposal for new forensic psychiatric center.

Haderslev Fjordpark

Beach park in Haderslev as part of a new master plan for the area.

Housing, Østerbrogade 105

Residential property set among historical town houses.

Lille Vildmose Visitor Centre

Nature information centre with exhibition rooms, café, tourist information office, shop, cinema, experimentarium and a small bird tower.


Sculptural residential block with an expressive facade, located in the new urban quarter around Amerika Plads.

Nordlyset, Landscape

Interior outdoor courtyard intended to hold an organically-shaped, well-planted recreational garden for all residents.

Quintus – lamp and bollard

Lighting series with lamps and bollards simply designed to harmonise with both new architecture and older urban environments.

Residences Bjørnveien 119

Three different types of apartments allocated on eight houses surrounding a courtyard and with access to three outdoor areas for each apartment.

Scion-DTU, rebuilding of laboratory

Conversion of laboratory building from the 1960s into low-energy office building.

Skejby Hospital

Complete hospital complex in Skejby, north of Aarhus.

Skive CHP station

CHP station based on gas production from biomass, the first of its kind in the world.

Spinning Mills Vejle, dyeworks and boiler complex

Conversion of dyeworks and boiler complex at the former Vejle spinning mills.

Swedish National Defence College | Swedish Institute of International Affairs

New educational facilities, library, auditorium, teaching rooms, relaxation areas and offices.

4. May College, Aarhus

A student hall of residence constructed in four wings around a courtyard.

Bent Brandt

Administration and storage facilities for industrial kitchen manufacturer.

Biogas facilities, Henriksdals sewage works in Stockholm

Biogas facilities built in connection with the Henriksdals sewage works in Stockholm.


Dronningedammen encompasses 24 flats, and is located at a unique site adjacent to a lake.

Food College Aalborg

Kitchens for Food College Aalborg, a part of Aalborg Tech College.

Kolding ByCampus

Competition proposal for an overall plan for the central urban areas running alongside the River Kolding.

Kopernik Science Center, Warsaw

2nd prize in an open international architectural competition for planetarium right by the river in Warsaw.

Reno Nord

Renovation and new building of the Reno Nord incineration plant.

Salling Department Store - extension

Extension of Salling department store on the pedestrian shopping street in Aarhus.

The Gärstad plant

Extension to the existing Gärstadverken district heating plant.

'The Rock' - Sustainable Design

International competition for the design of Europe’s most energy efficient office building in Oslo, Norway.

Trygg-Hansa, the Stockholm branch

Rebuilding of Trygg-Hansa's office building in Stockholm.

Vestfold Hospital, 6th phase

Extension of Vestfold Hospital, planning in detail.

Villa - Råhøj Allé

Wooden house, single-family villa.


Scandinavia's largest shopping centre designed with the emphasis on quality, simplicity and light.

Gravene Square Haderslev

Renovation of the main square in Haderslev from unsightly parking lot into a classic urban space.

Nobelparken, Aarhus

Building complex with educational, business and residential purposes.


Proposal for the multifunctional entertainment complex.

Aarhus Idrætspark, extension

Extension and rebuilding of Aarhus Idrætspark (today called NRGI Park) with hotel, offices, sports centre, new stands, etc.

Holstebro's pedestrian streets

Renovation of the pedestrian street network in Holstebro.

Nørrebro Bryghus

Combined brewery, restaurant and bar in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.


Housing area with 183 units near Vejle.

Studio in Vejle

Office established in a former factory.

The University of Southern Denmark

University campus complex near Esbjerg, Denmark.

The Aarhus Art Building, extensions

Two extensions to the Aarhus Art Building, with new exhibition areas and a sculpture courtyard.

Aalholm care home

Rebuilding, extension and refurbishing of residential home for elderly people.

Cafe Hack, Aarhus Theater

Conversion of previous rehearsal rooms into a café.

Carpark, Billund Airport

Car park building and administration at Billund Airport.


Design and project planning for a wide range of the company’s buildings in Denmark and abroad.

Housing at Vedbæk Station

Housing north of Copenhagen with town houses and apartment houses.

Musvågevej, care home

Care home and day centre with 50 living units with a timeless architecture.

Psychiatric clinic

Psychiatric clinic and education facilities for 13- to 18-year-olds at Akershus University Hospital.

Pumping plant and personnel building

Installation with four main elements: a personnel wing, a sewage pumping plant, a compressor and an overflow tank.

Sofiegården, care home and day centre

Care home and day centre with 50 living units and a community house.

Tuborg North - the channels

Designing the canals, plazas and bridges in the New Tuborg North district

Aquarium hall, the Fisheries and Maritime Museum

Refurbishing of the primary exhibition hall at the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg.

Auditoriums, University of Aarhus

Building complex with shared auditorium facilities for the University of Aarhus.

Bornholm Hospital, extension

Extension and renewal of hospital in Rønne, Bornholm.


Swimming baths, conference and meeting facilities at Marselisborg Hospital for rehabilitation, research and development.

Port of Aarhus, Warehouses 302 and 304

Warehouses with facilities for storage and offices.

Spæncom, Show-rooms

Sales- and showrooms for the supplier of concrete units Spaencom.

The Poul Due Jensen Academy - Grundfos

Education and college complex in Bjerringbro for Grundfos.

Florencehort care complex

Old people's home in Güterfelde, Germany.

Frederikshavn Hospital, extension

Extension of Frederikshavn Hospital with new bed- and clinical sections.

Holtet VGS

Extension and redesign of further education college.

Kanal 5

Swedish Kanal 5's new office building in Stockholm.

Port of Aarhus, Gate building

Gate building, checkpoint for traffic by land to the container terminal.

Port of Aarhus, Marine Building

Administration block for operation of the container terminal at Aarhus Harbour.

Summer house at Kandestederne

Summer house in the scenic area at Kandestederne in Northern Jutland.

The Faculty of Theology

Transformation of a former hospital complex to educational functions.

The Natural History Museum Aarhus

Museum complex doing exhibitions, teaching and research.

Topdanmark, Ballerup

Extension of the company headquarters for the insurance company Topdanmark.

Vestas Blades Factory, Nakskov

Wind turbine blades factory in the port of Nakskov

Vibenhus, office complex

Office complex in northern Copenhagen with a combination of new property and reuse.

Aalborg Sludge Drying Plant

Sludge Drying Plant for recycling waste water sludge.

Chapel, Herning Hospital

Chapel with a quiet, geometrical expression with red brick facades.

TGS - Technology Center, Berlin

Technology and research centre in central Berlin with office spaces for newly started companies.

The Fuglesangs Allé quarter

Complete quarter with different educational institutions, all of them designed by C.F. Møller.

Café at the National Gallery

Interior design solution for a new café at the National Gallery.

National Gallery of Denmark - extension

Transformation and extension of the National Gallery of Denmark.

Ny Moesgård

Housing project with 83 dwellings in Skåde, south of Aarhus.

Rungsted Sundpark

Housing project on a coastal site north of Copenhagen, designed as a combination of low-rise terraced houses and single-family homes.

Tuborg Nord Masterplan

Development and site plan on the site of the former Tuborg Breweries.

Aarhus Technical Academy North

Educational establishment of low-rise buildings with high density.


Soft-drink bottling plant with production facilities and administration building.

Grundfos, main building

Main building at the Grundfos' complex in Bjerringbro.

Aarhus Municipal Hospital

Renovations and extensions of Aarhus Municipal Hospital

Parken, Denmarks National Stadium

Renewal of Denmark's National Stadium 'Parken' in Copenhagen.

The Steno Museum

Scientific museum on medicine and its history in Aarhus.


212 housing units in Skåde, south of Aarhus.

Randi-Line Coupé

Classic range of door and window handles, available in matt brushed stainless steel or polished brass.

Køge Hospital

Complete hospital complex designed as a low, urban hospital.

Møllevangs Church

Church and parish community centre in northern Aarhus.

Egetæpper A/S

Administration and showroom for the carpet manufacturer Egetæpper.

Århus Sporveje South

Workshops, garages, and preparation facilities for the Aarhus Sporveje bus operator.

Det Danske Hedeselskab

Headquarters of the The Danish Heath Society.

Holiday Cottage for Aage Damgaard

Circular-shaped cottage situated in the undulating dune landscape by the Danish west coast.

Egå Marina

Marina north of Aarhus with room for 600 yachts and 300 dinghies

Ravnsbjerg church

Church held in red brick and characteristic forms.

Solklint, 5 cluster houses in Egå, Denmark

Five interconnected cluster houses, constructed in red, hard-burned brick, situated on a terrace towards the Egå Valley.

Greenhouse, Botanical Institute

Hothouse in the Botanic Garden shaped like an unwound snail.

Århus Sporveje North

Workshops and garage for the Aarhus Sporveje bus operator.


Functionalist housing block at the Copenhagen lakes.


Functionalistic apartment building by the lakes in Copenhagen.
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