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C.F. Møller Architects is a leading consultancy in Interior Architecture and Workplace Design. We work with our clients to develop the quality of their physical environments while creating the required flexibility to support future physical needs.


We are passionate about creating inspiring, forward-looking, and sustainable holistic solutions, and we create projects from the inside out. We do this through insight into our client’s mission, vision, strategy, dreams and needs. Our method is analytical and systematic, based on both hard and soft data.


We work to create relevant spaces that work both practical and mental. For us, this means spaces that make room for diversity and difference. Spaces that are based on the human scale and create a meaningful framework for both the community and the individual. Spaces that offer varied movement patterns, convey nuanced sensory experiences and create the best framework for well-being, cooperation and support of needs. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.

Workplace Design - C.F. Møller


By uncovering culture, values and desired identity, we create good everyday spaces with a mood and atmosphere that conveys our client's desired identity and narrative through the use of furniture, colours, surfaces and spatial sequences. We recognise the untapped potential in existing architecture, functions, and furnishings. Our experience is that the development of specialised furnishings for selected locations or functions can make a big difference in relation to the project's uniqueness and unique character.


The projects often contain an element of development and change in the client's organisation. We contribute to the change process through close and trusting cooperation. We achieve this through transparent processes and methods and by making the complex understandable and communicable.


In our eyes, the customer is the expert on their reality. We see it as our task to inspire and challenge. We work with insight into the latest research, a broad experience base across sectors and a network of customers who are happy to share knowledge and insights from their process. We bring our client's vision to life, always within the project's financial and time frame.


In this process, we create architectural results that are at once sharp and poetic, recognisable and challenging, spacious and specialised. We ensure that the specific project is free from personal bias and fleeting trends when decisions are made and solutions implemented.

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Anne Sarto
Partner, Head of Workplace Design & Client Consultancy, Architect maa, Coach ICF


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