CVR 29244391
C.F. Møller Danmark A/S
Europaplads 2, 11.
8000 Aarhus C.

C.F. Møller Architects, Head Office

The head office of C.F. Møller Architects is located on the uppermost five storeys of the Europahuset building adjacent to the harbour in Aarhus city centre. This is the workplace of approximately 140+ employees.

The penthouse floor on top houses a canteen, meeting facilities and a roof terrace. The actual design studio is located on the 9th - 11th floors, in open-plan floors linked by a single long, sculptural stairway which passes through all the storeys. The 8th floor holds a workshop, archive, printing office and server room. C.F. Møller Architects was itself responsible for the interior design of the design studio.

C.F. Møller has had a design studio in Aarhus since 1934, at varying addresses. The firm moved its head office to Europahuset in 2006. The distinctive Europahuset tower block was built in 1959, and used to be called the BP building. It was designed by Knud Black Petersen and Herbert Jensen Arkitekter, and when first constructed it was the tallest building in Aarhus, at 12 storeys.

Business Inquiries - Aarhus

Marlene M. Damgaard-Sørensen
Business Development, Architect maa
Maibritt Dammann
Associate Partner, Head of Healthcare, Architect maa
Landscape & Urbanism
Jens Rex Christensen
Head of Landscape & Urbanism, Architect
Product Design
Jon Brøcker
Head of Product Design, Master in Design and Architect maa
Democratic Design
Cecilie Marie Busk
Head of Democratic Design, DGNB Consultant for urban districts, Architect maa
Client Consultancy
Anne Sarto
Partner, Head of Workplace Design & Client Consultancy, Architect maa, Coach ICF
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