Aarhus University, Social Sciences Library interior. C.F. Møller. Photo: Julian Weyer

Aarhus University, Social Sciences Library interior

An extension of the Library of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Aarhus University, created the need for a design solution that could cause the original and the new to appear as a single continuous space.
 Aarhus University, Social Sciences Library interior. C.F. Møller. Photo: Julian Weyer


Undervisningsministeriet Byggedirektoratet


Aarhus, Danmark


285 m²




C.F. Møller Architects

In addition to the choice of surfaces, colours, furniture and lighting, the task also involved the design of custom fixtures, including service counters, a lending desk with integrated self-service lending scanner, IT-workplaces integrated into standing tables, and shelves with integrated multimedia screens.

The brief was to integrate modern multimedia and IT solutions into the decor, so the library offers opportunities for both co-operation and interchange between the students and for individual peace and quiet for concentration. The decor thus offers many opportunities for standing, sitting or hanging out on the more informal, upholstered lounge furniture, while the loose fixtures with small tables, light chairs and movable partitions enable the decor to be adapted to many different types of study.

The green shades of the materials in the chairs and screen walls and the linoleum surfaces of the custom decor form an interplay with the raw, yellow brick of the walls. In combination with shelving and tabletop edges in golden ash, the premises present a bright and modern appearance without abandoning the workmanlike and matter-of-fact expression that characterises Aarhus University.

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