Future Sølund to house several generations

Future Sølund to house several generations - C.F. Møller. Photo: MIR, C.F. Møller, Tredje Natur, Bascon
Photographer: MIR, C.F. Møller, Tredje Natur, Bascon


C.F. Møller and Tredje Natur win Future Sølund competition. In collaboration with Bascon, Transsolar and Smith Innovation, they will design and realise one of the largest and most visionary housing projects in Danish history. Sølund represents the future of child-care, youth, senior citizen and elderly care facilities in Copenhagen.

Future Sølund is one of the most visionary architectural undertakings in Copenhagen right now. This was the clear message from developer KAB’s head of construction, Rolf Andersson, when the international architectural competition for Future Sølund was launched in 2015.

Now C.F. Møller and sub-consultants Tredje Natur, Bascon, Transsolar and Smith Innovation have created the winning proposal. Future Sølund is an innovative design that will house several generations together under one roof.

An entirely new concept
Future Sølund will offer a unique combination of 360 nursing home units, 150 residential units for young people, incl. 20 units for young people with autism spectrum disorders, 20 residential units for senior citizens, a day-care centre, three micro-shops as well as both public and private carpark facilities. This combination represents an entirely new urban development concept in Denmark.

“Future Sølund is an ambitious and pioneering example of the urban welfare centre of the future. First and foremost, it will be a unique combination of dwelling types, residents and visitors. But it will also serve as a centralised anchor for boosting all of Nørrebro,” explains Mads Mandrup Hansen, partner with C.F. Møller, who co-developed the winning proposal with his colleague Lone Wiggers.

Future Sølund will make it possible for elderly in need of care to live and interact with other generations. We want to provide welfare, well-being, security and functionality. But Sølund also wants to create life and atmosphere in the area with its many residents, staff and visitors,” says Mads Mandrup Hansen.

Copenhagen is setting new standards
Both the client, public housing association Samvirkende Boligselskaber v/KAB, and the City of Copenhagen and SAB’s tenants are delighted at the prospect of the Future Sølund project:

“We will be setting new standards in elderly care facilities, day-care facilities and dwellings for both young people and senior citizens. But we want to do more than that. We want to fulfil our ambition to create architecture that can serve as a setting for multi-generational communities in the city,” explains Vibeke Gravlund, project manager with KAB.

The head engineer on the winning team, Bascon, agrees:

“Everything needs to work together – functionality, technology, logistics, structures and indoor climate – and to be integrated with welfare technology solutions that suit the needs of the individual age groups. We will be creating decent and safe conditions for daily life for four distinct generations. As a result, the building will naturally enliven the area with urban activity around the clock,” explains Anders Roslyng-Jensen, project manager with Bascon.

A declaration of love
The winning team of architects comprises C.F. Møller, with more than 90 years of established experience in Denmark, working in close collaboration with architectural firm Tredje Natur, which is based in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen.

“The team’s proposal is a huge declaration of love to Nørrebro as an urban district and a community. With this competition, we wanted to create the conditions for a vigorous, multi-generational community full of warmth and abundance. The architecture should promote a community life that involves people of all ages, and that in itself is both a generous and very meaningful vision to work with,” explain the two partners at Tredje Natur who are responsible for the project, Flemming Rafn Thomsen and Ole Schrøder.

Future Sølund will be a multi-storey building with a total floorage of 37,895 sq.m. and a total construction cost of around DKK 1.1b. The building will be situated at Ryesgade 20 and will be directly adjacent to Sortedams Sø lake in Copenhagen.

The other participants in the architectural competition included turnkey advisory firm Henning Larsen Architects in collaboration with sub-consultants Entasis, Schul Landskabsarkitekter and Søren Jensen, turnkey advisory firm Arkitema in collaboration with sub-consultant Alectia, and turnkey advisory firm schmidt hammer lassen architects in collaboration with sub-consultants Mangor & Nagel, Kristine Jensens Tegnestue, Balslev and Lyngkilde.

Further information
C.F. Møller:

Mads Mandrup Hansen, partner, tel.: +45 2965 1123, email: mmh@cfmoller.com
Julian Weyer, partner, tel.: +45 3066 9396, email: jw@cfmoller.com

Photographer: MIR, C.F. Møller, Tredje Natur, Bascon
Photographer: C.F. Møller, Tredje Natur, Bascon
Photographer: C.F. Møller, Tredje Natur, Bascon
Photographer: C.F. Møller, Tredje Natur, Bascon
Photographer: C.F. Møller, Tredje Natur, Bascon


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