Strong Nordic consolidation of the partnership

Christian Dahle - Strong Nordic consolidation of the partnership - C.F. Møller
Christian Dahle


C.F. Møller further strengthens its commitment in Norway and Sweden through the ap-pointment of new associate partners in the architectural firm, which is among the largest in Scandinavia.
Christian Dahle, general manager of C.F. Møller's office in Oslo, and Mårten Leringe, CEO of C.F. Møller's Swedish branch Berg | C.F. Møller join the partner group as associated partners from July 1st.


C.F. Møller has for many years been responsible for major projects in Norway and Sweden, and regards itself as a Scandinavian and international design firm. The expansion of the partner group emphasizes that identity, and is expected to strengthen C.F. Møller in the Scandinavian market as a whole, by enhancing the synergies which already provide the basis of a strong professional community among our branches in the Scandinavian capitals.

In both Norway and Sweden C.F. Møller sees further potential in bringing to the market the full extent of the group's know-how, and services that cover the entire spectrum of architectural services in Education, Science, Healthcare, Commercial, Residential, Sports, Urban Design, Infrastructure and Industry. A particular advantage for clients is the ability to fully integrate functional planning and space-planning as well as landscape and component design in-house in C.F. Møller's projects.

"Christian Dahle and Mårten Leringe are two prominent profiles, which both stand for continuity and renewal. Both have a fundamental set of values which are a direct extension of C.F. Møller's values and ambitions, and both are also set on shaping the future of the firm. Together, we strengthen our inter-Scandinavian potential to create relevant and innovative architecture of the highest quality",said Klaus Toustrup, Partner and CEO in C.F. Møller.

In Norway, C.F. Møller has completed important projects such as the Golden League arena Bislett Stadium, the Akershus University Hospital in Oslo and the restoration of Oslo University's listed Domus Media with the famous Munch room. Currently, the studio in Oslo is working on, among other things, the new Kristiansund Opera and Cultural Centre which will house Norway's oldest opera from 1805, and a new sculptural high-rise cluster on the former Post Terminal-site in the centre of Oslo.

In Sweden, C.F. Møller is currently in the process of building Europe's largest research centre Biomedicum at the prestigious Karolinska Institute, and is behind projects such as Sweden's new national stadium Friends Arena, the residential Alvik Tower, and recently the winning design for Stockholm's new landmark, the future of public housing for housing association HSB in the form of wooden high-rise developments.

Christian Dahle's biography

Christian Dahle is an architect MNAL, and studied at the Oslo Architecture School AHO and ETH Zürich with a diploma from AHO in 1995. Christian Dahle worked for Lund & Slaatto after graduation and was employed by Jarmund/Vigsnæs from 1996 to 1998. Since 1998 he had his own practice , Dahle/Dahle Architects with Einar Dahle, and in 2001 Dahle/Dahle/Breitenstein with Kurt Breitenstein, which in 2005 changed its name to Dahle & Breitenstein. In the period 2006-2010, he has collaborated with Reiulf Ramstad Architects, especially for architectural competitions. Christian Dahle taught at the Architecture and Design School in Oslo in 2009. From 2010 to 2012, in addition to Dahle & Breitenstein, he has been competition adviser to the Norwegian Architects Association. Christian Dahle has participated in several exhibitions at home and abroad, has been appointed as a jury member for NAL and has served as secretary of competition in a number of architectural competitions in Norway. With his partners, Christian Dahle received the Concrete Award in 2002, Sundts Award 2005-2006, NPA's Award 2007 and NSW's Jubilee Award in 2008.

Mårten Leringe's biography

Mårten Leringe is an architect SAR / MSA, and was educated at the Kungliga Tekniska Hög-skolan, Aarhus School of Architecture, and TU Delft in the Netherlands, with a diploma from the KTH in 2003. From 2003 to 2004 Mårten Leringe taught at the Kungliga Tekniska Hög-skolan in architecture and urban planning. From 2004-2007 Mårten Leringe was employed at Marge Architects, and from 2007 employed at Berg Arkitektkontor, which since 2007 has been part of C.F. Møller. At Berg | C.F. Møller, Mårten Leringe has been responsible for major projects such as the Alvik Tower and Värtaterminalen. Mårten Leringe has worked with a number of competitions and project developments, and has served as a professional jury member. Since 2012, Mårten Leringe has been CEO of Berg | C.F. Møller in Sweden.

For more information please contact:

Associate partner, architect Christian Dahle, Oslo
Tel: +47 2413 3405, mobile: +47 9115 0186, mail:

Associate partner, architect Mårten Leringe, Stockholm
Tel: +46 (0)8 5557 6038, mobile: +46 (0)7 0563 7519, mail:

Partner & CEO, architect Klaus Toustrup
Tel: +45 8730 5300, mobile: +45 2325 5304, mail:


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Some press releases are only available in Danish.

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