Behind the Maersk Tower

Architect and Partner Mads Mandrup explains the architectural concept behind The Maersk Tower


The Maersk Tower has been designed with the aim of creating the best possible environment for modern research and teaching. A parallel objective has been to create a building which will stand out as an identity-creating, sculptural linchpin for the entire Panum complex and the university's Nørre Campus (i.e. the North Campus) as a whole. 
The new complex is also intended to act as the generator of a positive urban development in its immediate neighbourhood and in relation to the entire city.


Link to project description and data:


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Thanks to the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences for producing the video and letting us share it.


Project description and data
The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences


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Behind the Maersk Tower

Architect and Partner Mads Mandrup explains the architectural concept behind The Maersk Tower

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