Logstar - Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark. C.F. Møller. Photo: Julian Weyer

Logstar - Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark

Logstar - the construction wholesaler Saint-Gobain's new logistics centre near Randers - is a new, fully-automated shuttle warehouse for state-of-the art goods handling.
 Logstar - Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark. C.F. Møller. Photo: Julian Weyer


Brdr. Dahl / Saint-Gobain Denmark


Randers, Danmark


14.000 m²








C.F. Møller Architects

  • Randers Kommunes Architekturpreis. 2015

The shuttle concept means that packaged goods are carried automatically to collection stations when goods are issued. The exterior of the warehouse building emphasises a clear and simple design idiom and is meticulously executed with repetitive warehouse blocks that allow the centre to grow without compromising the architectural profile.

Logstar consists of two parts: the shuttle warehouse and a staffed element that is connected directly to the warehouse with offices, a meeting room and goods delivery.

The 110-metre long and 20-metre high warehouse building has a ground plan the size of a soccer pitch. From Randers' southern motorway the building can be seen as three high blocks, stacked next to each other. The design emphasises a clear, visual rhythm in Logstar's external appearance and the philosophy is that future expansions will add to the architecture, rather than depleting it, so that the design will be even more attractive if the present three warehouse blocks later increase to four, five or six. As dusk approaches, Logstar is illuminated via translucent panels between the warehouse blocks, emphasising the façade's rhythm in a whole new way.

Logstar's staffed element has 10-15 employees. A glass wall allows a direct view of the high shuttle warehouse's 29 shelves. Offices and meeting rooms are illuminated by ample amounts of daylight through external glass façades that make this part of Logstar welcoming and transparent to visitors.

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