C.F. Møller Design is an integral part of C.F. Møller Architects, one of Scandinavia’s leading architectural firms. C.F. Møller Design cooperates with Danish and international companies on the design and development of innovative and meaningful products for houses, their surroundings and life within them.


C.F. Møller Design builds on Scandinavian design traditions and is guided by a simple and distinct expression with focus on function, aesthetics and communication. We approach every assignment with an open mind and focus on creating useful and original designs with enduring qualities at the right price.

C.F. Møller Design is responsible for a wide range of interiors, furnishings, building components and products.

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Jon Brøcker

Head of C.F. Møller Design, Designer and Architect maa

T: +45 2938 7303



Decorative and functional series of accessories primarily for the bathroom, with many variations and applications.


A range of furniture specially designed for waiting rooms. Two or more units can be combined to create a linear seating group.


Complete range of door handles, thumb turn knobs, rosettes, and backplates.


New custom-designed line of equipment for the arrival areas outside the new light rail stations in Aarhus


Ensō is a complete set of tableware, made respectively in the whitest glossy porcelain and matt anthracite grey stoneware.


High quality components for the interior design of bathrooms with the aim of improving daily life for elderly and disabled persons - without necessarily radiating disability.


Auditorium seats with a waving back that provides a high level of design and comfort.


Ceiling-mounted hoist system for the health sector that easily fits in with the architecture.


A well-balanced and attractive cutlery set comprising a knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon designed by C.F. Møller Design for Danish AIDA.


R.U.M. (ReUsed Materials) is a sustainable chair with a plastic shell made of fishing nets collected from the world’s oceans.


LED-streetlight with a minimalist design that blends seamlessly into many different urban landscapes.


Series of office furniture with free-standing podiums and upper modules.


A range of upholstered furniture, including seating and tables.


Classic range of door and window handles, available in matt brushed stainless steel or polished brass.


BEAM-IT-UP is an innovative concept that creates new storage options in small and narrow spaces such as hallways and corridors.


A series of breakout and separating furniture designed to help link office work zones to social zones, so as to create coherence and give employees their own smaller spaces in a large room.


A new line of outdoor furniture with bench, plinth, table and chair in a minimalistic design that reflects in both construction, design and price.


A complete and consistent sign programme for indoor and outdoor use.
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Wehlers is a Danish family owned furniture company. Wehlers has implemented an ECO-system that incorporates circular economy and ocean plastic. Wehlers makes furniture for the conscious consumers & furniture professionals
ECO Schulte is an international operating german brand-name producer for system technology around the door
Holmris is a family owned company, which has for three generations produced furniture for the retail and contract market. Nowadays specialized in office furniture and recognized among the most innovative Danish companies within this line of work.
Modulex is a world leader in signage and wayfinding Solutions
AIRMASTER is Europe's leading supplier of demand-controlled decentralized ventilation. They develop, manufacture and sell energy-efficient decentralized ventilation systems, focusing on flexibility, high performance and low noise.
VEKSØ A/S is one of the leading capacities in Europa when it comes to design, manufacturing and sale of urban furniture, equipment for cyclists, lighting and mobility consultancy
SWARCO Futurit GmbH is one of the fastest growing companies in advanced ITS, traffic and outdoor lighting solutions in Europe
SKEIE Seating A/S is one of the leading manufacturers of fixed seats in Scandinavia for educational purposes and for entertainment purposes such as lecture rooms, theatres and cinemas.
Paustian is a concept store which offers a complete selection of furniture, carpets, lighting and interior decoration for private consumers as well as for companies.
Omann ApS is a Danish furniture manufacturer which has developed furniture concepts for the professional market for three generations.
N T Randi A/S is one the leading manufacturers and distributors of door handles, builder's hardware and sanitary appliances in Scandinavia.
NORMBAU Beschläge und Ausstattungs GmbGH is a German company and also one of the leading suppliers of door fittings and sanitary appliances in stainless steel and nylon in Europe.
Nordlux A/S is one of the largest suppliers of lamps, light bulbs and lighting equipment in Europe.
Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT) manages all public bus transport in Northern Jutland as well as the rail traffic performed by Nordjyske Jernbaner (The North Jutland Railway).
Magnus Olesen A/S is a Danish furniture company, which develops and manufactures seating units and tables for contract business.
Louis Poulsen A/S is an international company which manufactures and develops lighting and solutions for indoor as well as outdoor applications.
Labflex A/S is the leading supplier of customized inventory solutions for industrial laboratories, research laboratories and for the health care sector in Europe.
Hi-Con A/S is a Danish company which produces concrete elements such as balconies and staircases made of compact reinforced composite.
Guldmann A/S is an international company which develops, manufactures and markets technical aids for disabled persons as well as tools for their personal assistants.
Fagerhult AB develops, manufactures and markets indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for the retail market and for contract business.
Eilersen A/S is a family owned company which develops and manufactures high quality sofas etc. for the retail market as well as for contract business.
Dolle A/S is one of the largest manufacturers of attic ladders in the world.
DEKO loft+væg p|s (DEKO ceilings and walls) is the leading supplier of portable partition solutions in Scandinavia.
Aida A/S is a Danish brand in the field of table arrangements. Aida develops, markets and distributes tableware, glasses, cutlery and kitchen equipment.