AdjustTable side table. C.F. Møller. Photo: Karup Design

AdjustTable side table

The AdjustTable side table is height adjustable and can be used with all types of seating and reclining furniture. A simple and unpretentious piece of furniture with a twist.
 AdjustTable side table. C.F. Møller. Photo: Karup Design


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AdjustTable is a side table that can be manually adjusted in height. The table is designed to meet today's need for flexible solutions for work, study and relaxation - whether it's on the sofa, bed or seating furniture.

The design is stylish, functional and easy to decode. It's intuitive to adjust the height in one of the five fixed positions, and it's easy to bring the table close at the optimal height and distance, regardless of your sitting position, so your computer, books and drinks are within ease of access.

More comfort and a clean design

The AdjustTable side table has a simple and clean look while exuding Nordic warmth. The materials are powder-coated steel and FCS-certified pine, which is fast-growing and readily available. The simple design has a twist with the continuous round log that continues up through the table top. The table is available in natural and two more variations of colour, which are applied in a way that brings out the unique and distinctive grain of the pine wood. This gives the table both a natural and modern look.

AdjustTable is a functional and intuitive piece of furniture that adapts effortlessly to different needs and thus increases the living comfort.

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