GH3 lofthejssystem. C.F. Møller

GH3 lofthejssystem

The basis for the GH3 design thinking was to mould a product that blends smoothly with the architectural surroundings, featuring a design and use of materials that provide a subtle interplay with walls and ceilings. This ceiling-mounted hoist is comfortable and practical for staff as well as patients, and easy to install in new buildings as well as existing structures.
 GH3 lofthejssystem. C.F. Møller


Guldmann A/S


Guldmann A/S





Product Design

C.F. Møller Architects

  • Red Dot Design Award, Honourable Mention. 2009

Even though the concept behind the GH3 system features considerably advanced technology beneath the skin, the overall design avoids communicating ’machine’ or ’assistive technology’ in any way. The individual parts of this ceiling-mounted hoist system are based on classic, geometrical shapes, intended to create a sense of ease in the rooms in which they are installed. This plays down the technical aspect of the system, and the overall simplicity makes the use of the GH3 system more intuitive. It also makes it easier to keep the units clean – a consideration that is particularly important in the health care sector.

The individual parts of the system are all finished to make a statement of refinement with a touch of exclusivity, when seen on their own as well as when together.  

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