Randi-Line Linie 18. C.F. Møller

Randi-Line Linie 18

Line 18 are high quality fittings at competitive prices. The range includes door handles, escutcheons, window handles, etc.
 Randi-Line Linie 18. C.F. Møller


Randi A/S



The range is made in stainless steel and is a simplified version of C.F. Møller's exclusive Randi-Line Coupé range of door fittings. The Line 18 handle has article number 7062. It is available without an escutcheon; with solid roses attached and with inner and outer rose covers.

The characteristic, harmonious curve of the handle is identical to that of the Coupé range. Sweeping changes have, however, been made to the design, materials and production principles. Door handle no. 7062, which is Ø18 mm and hollow, is an excellent supplement to the Coupé range, offering good quality at a competitive price. It is ideal for use on less prominent doors in a structure.

The material can withstand constant use and frequent cleaning at no cost to the surface and finish.

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