Høje-Taastrup town hall - workplace design

As part of an overall strategy for a major urban development project, a new town hall has been built for Høje-Taastrup Municipality.

Codan - workplace design

Optimization of an office building, where the establishment of shared spaces and flexible use of work environments was a premise for the organisation to be gathered in fewer square metres, and where Covid-19 created new conditions for a workplace.

DTU Building 116 - workplace design

Transformation of an existing auditorium building from the 1970s, based on a complex user process and interdisciplinary collaboration.

DTU Skylab

Skylab is an attractive place for students and visitors at DTU Lyngby Campus, and with an expansion, there has been created space for and invitation to the changes that the building's activities are constantly undergoing.

Valcon - workplace design

Behind the patinated copper facade of the Vesterport building, Valcon's culture, identity, and ways of working are supported in the new working environment in synergy with the characterful architectural setting.

VELUX - Canteen

Transformation of a canteen that functions both as an eatery and as an attractive and inviting setting for informal meetings, breaks, social events, and work tasks for the entire organisation throughout the day.

ARC Amager Resource Centre - workplace design

With a focus on sustainability, ARC's administration section in the new Amager Bakke waste treatment centre is designed to provide a varied and coherent working environment that reflects ARC's identity.

Montana - Showroom

A new inspiring showroom for Montana's office furniture, developed based on storytelling and with a focus on functionality to also provide a setting for guest meetings.

Nordens Plads Civic Centre - workplace design

Establishment of a new civic centre in Frederiksberg Municipality as a driving force for new civic and cultural services, new communities, and a wide range of different activities.

Lærerstandens Brandforsikring - workplace design

Establishment of a new joint domicile for Lærerstandens Brandforsikring in the old Nordisk Fjer building, with a strong focus on finding the balance between preserving key cultural elements and at the same time creating room for renewal.

Boligforeningen 3B & Boligkontoret Danmark - workplace design

Development of a newly built joint lease for Boligforeningen 3B and Boligkontoret Danmark, with a focus on achieving a spatial and functional synergy between the two companies while supporting different working methods and knowledge sharing.

Panum - Faculty administration

Renovation of the HEALTH faculty at the University of Copenhagen that converts previously dark spaces into a modern, bright and varied working environment with room for new forms of cooperation

DEAS - workplace design

Development of a physical identity for DEAS in connection with moving into a uniform shared office building.
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