Astellas - workplace design. C.F. Møller. Photo: Kontraframe

Astellas - workplace design

The project focused on shaping a working environment where the tactile and the simple were balanced to create a special atmosphere, in a building that was designed to create common meeting places in nodes that tied the building together.
 Astellas - workplace design. C.F. Møller. Photo: Kontraframe


Astellas Pharma A/S


Copenhagen, Denmark


2,500 m2




Workplace Design: C.F. Møller Architects

In the project the common themes of Japanese and Nordic aesthetics were identified and, together with the needs of the employees and the company's values, expressed through a warm minimalism, where the choice of furniture and surfaces was guided by the Japanese level of detail in interaction with the Scandinavian simplicity.

Workplace Design

Preparation of a design guide for the domicile to ensure that furniture types, materials and colours supported the identity the company wanted to signal in the new domicile and as a tool to ensure that the choice of furniture was based on the desired signal value rather than subjective attitudes.

Preparation of positioning plans and detailed interior design of all work environments, meeting rooms and canteen. Preparation of functional tenders for furniture in work areas, as well as specific choice of furniture and colours for all other areas in the building. Coordination with furniture suppliers and subsequent follow-up, installation, and defect review of furniture.

Process Consultancy & User Involvement

Organisation of a management workshop focusing on the formulation of goals and frameworks for the project. Facilitation of management meetings throughout the process to ensure commitment and knowledge of the project.

Involvement of employees via user groups, workshops and dialogue meetings focusing on identity and furnishings to ensure that the development of the design idea and choice of furnishings was based on a clearly formulated identity for Astellas Nordic headquarters.

Organisation of meetings with all employees throughout the project to ensure a high level of knowledge about the process and later, with a view to commissioning, for internal discussions about the use of the new physical framework.

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