Nordens Plads Civic Centre - workplace design. C.F. Møller. Photo: Kontraframe

Nordens Plads Civic Centre - workplace design

Frederiksberg is home to one of Denmark's tallest buildings, Domus Vista. Located on the ground floor, the existing library has been expanded into a civic centre that provides a gathering place for clubs, associations, and citizens. As part of a series of social initiatives, the focus is on strengthening citizens' ownership of the area, and the civic centre contributes greatly to this by being developed as a kind of living room outside the home. The centre is designed to accommodate a broad target group of citizens of all ages, and everyone should be able to find a favourite chair.
 Nordens Plads Civic Centre - workplace design. C.F. Møller. Photo: Kontraframe


Frederiksberg Kommune


Frederiksberg, Denmark


500 m2




Workplace Design: C.F. Møller Architects

Block colours on walls and surfaces emphasise the 1960s character of the building, while the furnishings are more subdued. Library shelving divides the large space into different areas, and at the heart of the community centre, a characterful custom-designed piece of furniture is placed as a place to stay for the librarian, who has an overview of the entire space and can create a space for themselves at the same time.

Workplace Design

Preparation of use scenarios and proposals for the layout of the new location for the future Civic Centre Nordens Plads, as well as facilitation of the process for the libraries' management and project managers regarding the choice of final layout.

Preparation of an inventory budget and proposals for inventory, both recycling and new purchases, including specialised inventory. Preparation of colours and surfaces, both for furniture and walls.

Preparation of inventory lists of existing and new fixtures and fittings, indicating their location.

Planning deliveries of new furniture, including dialogue with suppliers. Managing contact with furniture suppliers in connection with furniture procurement and delivery.

Process Consultancy and User Involvement

Preparation of a process plan with a focus on user involvement and decision-making processes. Involvement of the libraries' management and project managers in connection with vision and framework, as well as identification of needs and wishes.

Facilitation and organisation of stakeholder meetings.

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