Carlsberg Central Office Landscape and renovation of Carl Jacobsens Garden

The Carlsberg headquarters’ landscape solution bridges the gap between past and present, internal and external, and public and private, with climate adaptation as the focal points.

River City Randers - City to the Water (Development Plan)

The development plan adapts the future of Randers to the environment, connects the city with the water and develops the attractive areas between the medieval city centre, the river Gudenå and Randers Fjord into a unique city borne of the river.

Energy, Climate and Environmental Park

A unique amalgamation of energy production, water purification, resource recycling and climate management, designed as a public, recreational learning landscape

Storkeengen (Stork Meadow)

Climate adaption project in Vorup near Randers that not only gives protection from any future flooding, but also brings the unique countryside along the Gudenå stream closer to Randers.

Guldborgsund Harbour City

A new master plan for the harbour in Nykøbing Falster unites the town and the sound, Guldborgsund, and transforms the industrial harbour into a living district with housing, cultural life, and urban spaces with integrated flood protection.

The Boat Park

Climate adaptation and development of the Vestby by the Limfjord in Aalborg will protect against flooding and create an attractive fjord and park area connecting the water with the city while supporting the area’s identity.

Holes Bay, Poole - Masterplan

Masterplan transforms an inaccessible industrial harbour area into a new vibrant living district through the implementation of a new promenade and public realm strategy redefining the water edge and the integration of new flood protection solutions which a

Aalborg Waterfront

Masterplan for Aalborg Waterfront, re-establishing the link between the strait and the city's medieval centre with a promenade.

Stigsborg Waterfront, Urban spaces and Landscape

Transformation of an old industrial area into a new attractive district in central Aalborg. The ambition is to become the greenest district in Aalborg and pass down the DNA of the historic city centre.


Former water treatment plant transformed into combined urban park, heating plant and rainwater basin, promoting the symbiotic relationship between water, the environment and energy.

The new SIMAC, Masterplan

A new masterplan for Svendborg harbour connects the city and the harbour with a new vibrant environment with business, education, recreation and climate protection.

HOFOR Kløvermarksvej, staff building & waste-water pumping station

Denmark’s largest waste-water pumping station combines operational solutions with an inspiring physical work environment.

The Climate Ribbon in Randers

Climate adaptation project that demonstrates that sea level rise, storm surges and increasing cloudbursts are not a challenge, but an opportunity to strengthen local identity, urban connection and increase the value of future urban development.
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