Holes Bay, Poole - Masterplan. C.F. Møller

Holes Bay, Poole - Masterplan

Masterplan transforms an inaccessible industrial harbour area into a new vibrant living district through the implementation of a new promenade and public realm strategy redefining the water edge and the integration of new flood protection solutions which also connects the harbour to the city centre.
 Holes Bay, Poole - Masterplan. C.F. Møller


FuturePlaces, BCP Council


Poole, UK


40 acres




C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

Like many other coastal towns Poole has undergone a transformation from a natural harbour to a port with a strong industrial character. A new promenade and urban realm strategy explores different design solutions to access or enjoy the waterfront and new green urban spaces, transforming the harbour into a new attractive area for both residents and visitors in Poole, Hamworthy, and the whole bay area whilst still maintaining and enhancing the strong links to the harbour’s historical heritage.

By shifting the focus from vehicle movement to pedestrian and bicycle movement along the quays, the new promenade and urban realm strategy helps to alleviate many infrastructural problems currently experienced, with heavy traffic roads separating the central medieval town core from the water edge. By focussing on a series of identified nodes tying in with the existing openings in the urban fabric, a new relationship between the city and water is created, and what was once seen as a back side area is turned into a new, highly attractive frontage.

Flood protection integrated into the landscape

The masterplan covers the entire industrial harbour from the Poole train station to the Old Town bridge on the east and west side of the water body, counting 2.4 km of water edge. Flooding is a serious concern for the area and a cohesive flood defence system around the bay and harbour edge is needed to protect existing and future investment. A new flood protection integrates terrain plinths and plateaus forming a gradual transition from the mainly landscaped solution to the North and a more urban solution round the inner harbour. In addition to the integrated flood protection and the enhancement of an active harbour environment with recreational areas the strategy also looks to enhance and support the existing ecological environment in the harbour. Creating a new vibrant housing district with an active commercial and social use at the ground that will improve cultural life and urban spaces and help ensure activities along the quay throughout the year.

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