Lund Central Station

A modern meeting place and infrastructure hub, in both Lund and for the region, with a new station building, new commercial premises, restaurants and hotels, and the renovation and relocation of the existing 19th-century customs building.

Train Station Hamburg-Altona

New train station at Hamburg-Altona that acts as a visionary landmark – both for Altona and for the whole of Hamburg – in that the station plays an active role in the urban development

Värtaterminalen Ferry Terminal, Stockholm

Terminal for Stockholm's permanent ferry connection to Finland and the Baltics.

Kulhuset, car park

The new multi-storey car park and activity centre, Kulhuset in the Sydhavnskvarteret district of Aarhus, imagines parking, city life and movement in entirely new ways and supports the transformation of the urban area.

Port of Aarhus, masterplan

Masterplan for 370 acres extension and re-disposition at the Port of Aarhus.

Getteröverket Purification Plant in Varberg

Getteröverket in Varberg is being developed into an accessible and landscape-integrated resource plant, which visually blends into its surroundings and adds a new activity trail for visitors.

Centralstaden - Stockholm Central Station

Centralstaden interweaves travel, work, housing, culture and business into a forward-looking robust hub by uniting past, present and future under the motto "Celebrate Stockholm!"

Railway Quarter - Aarhus Central Station

Masterplan for the covering of the existing railway, creating a green, car-free, and vibrant district for everyone.

Uppsala Central

A new development plan for Uppsala C with the aim of creating a vibrant meeting place, and at the same time an attractive and efficient transport hub. The plan includes a new train station, the track area and the city centre adjacent to the station area.

Energy, Climate and Environmental Park

A unique amalgamation of energy production, water purification, resource recycling and climate management, designed as a public, recreational learning landscape

Tofta shooting range

New premises for the expansion of The Swedish Armed Forces capacity on the Baltic island of Gotland.

Aalborg Cultural Bridge

A new pedestrian and cycling bridge, attached to the existing railroad bridge across Limfjorden.

Slussen Stockholm

Master plan for the area at Slussen (the Sluice) in Stockholm, which connects Södermalm and Gamla Stan.
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