Holiday Cottage for Aage Damgaard. C.F. Møller

Holiday Cottage for Aage Damgaard

The house is located in a dune landscape in Søndervig by the Danish wescoast, situated among the dunes where it is sheltered from the rough coastal wind.
 Holiday Cottage for Aage Damgaard. C.F. Møller


Aage Damgaard


Søndervig, Denmark


160 m²




C.F. Møller Architects

The circular shape of the house is planned over two slightly offset circles, which can be read both in the facades and in the spacious living room. The building grows directly out of the sand and sea grasses, with a slightly sloped facade in rust-red steel plates. The dune landscape is both rough and soft, and the design seeks to insert itself into this doubleness with a soft circular shape and its rust-red steel facades - together with a vaulted black roof.

Inside, the spacious living room is enclosed by the vaulted ceiling which, from the outside, is the facade you see from the dune crests when moving across the undulating landscape. The open, circular plan draws in the dunes to the west via a black window assembly. The vaulted ceiling has a sky-like shape with a spatial effect provided by point lights and skylights.

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