Villa B. C.F. Møller. Photo: Julian Weyer

Villa B

Villa B is a family residence located on the east coast of Jutland with a unique view of the sea from all living areas and rooms.
 Villa B. C.F. Møller. Photo: Julian Weyer




Aarhus, Denmark


218 m²




Hvorslev Byggefirma




C.F. Møller Architects

The composition consists of three boxes that are placed on top of each other. The bottom box is pushed into a slope, while the other two align with the local height regulations and the Beach Protection Line. The interior of the house is tied together by an in situ cast concrete slab, which carries the continuous stairs to the three levels. All the primary functions of the house are located around this central element. The staircase is made of prefabricated cantilevered concrete steps, which, like the villa's door handles, is designed by C.F. Møller Architects.

The lower level contains an integrated garage, utility room, study, bath and storage room. The ground floor contains the entrance hall, children's section as well as the large common room with dining area, living room and kitchen. From here, there is access to a series of outdoor terraces that can be used depending on the wind direction and the position of the sun in the sky. The outdoor terraces are located to provide shelter and receive the afternoon and evening sun from the south and west. The first floor contains a study, a TV room with access to the roof terraces as well as a parents’ room with a bath, walk-in closet and private morning terrace. From a large skylight over the stairs, daylight is led down through the floors of the house.

Adapted to the surroundings

The villa's materials are adapted to its exposed location facing the sea, and the primary materials of concrete and anodised aluminium sheets give a robust and raw appearance. This is combined with oak, which gives the house a glow and warmth. The landscape surrounding the villa is planted with typical grasses and plants from the beach areas in front of the house. This results in minimal maintenance and an experience that the garden space and landscape naturally flow together.

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