Biskop Gunnerus gate 14B

A new urban space which includes a public square, a hotel and a high rise and creates attractive recreational areas and effective urban connections at the central station in Oslo.

Fjordporten - Nordic Light

Fjordporten is located at Oslo central station and comprises a high-rise building with a base. The building merges transport, work, leisure time, culture and business into a forward-oriented and robust hub.

Mindet 6, Aarhus Harbour

A bright, sculptural tower and landmark close to the Port of Aarhus will combine city life and cultural history with attractive new cultural and business facilities and public restaurants.

Point Hyllie

Four tower blocks with apartments as well as offices and shops, forming an important part of the new urban space around Hyllie station square.

Residential Tower Antwerp

24 storey residential tower block in Antwerp that redefines the residential high-rise as a vertical social community.

Maersk Tower, extension of the Panum complex at the University of Copenhagen

The Maersk Tower is a state-of-the-art research building whose innovative architecture creates the optimum framework for world-class health research.

Alviks Tower

18-storey landmark housing complex on the Stockholm waterfront overlooking Lake Mälaren.

HSB 2023 - Västerbroplan

Winning design for a 34-floor wooden apartment building in a central Stockholm location.

Geysir - Kv Hekla

New modern residential tower in Kista, north of Stockholm, with a food court on the ground floor and a green courtyard where residents and restaurateurs can grow their own vegetables.

Hybrid Tower

New residential tower in Västerås, west of Stockholm, with a green garden on the 15th floor, will be a striking new landmark for the town.

Rue de la Loi 130

The EU Commission’s new building is designed as a flagship for the EU and embodies openness, inclusivity and accessibility, with the aim of setting new standards for a sustainable future.

Bestseller Office Complex

New, sustainable administration building for the Bestseller fashion group.

Campus Hall, University of Southern Denmark

250 student residences located in three interconnected 15-storey buildings. The design is based on a strong community spirit.
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