Magisterparken, Himmerland Housing Association. C.F. Møller. Photo: Jørgen True

Magisterparken, Himmerland Housing Association

Renovation and restructuring of public housing complexes with energy renovation, new types of housing, accessibility and communal areas.
 Magisterparken, Himmerland Housing Association. C.F. Møller. Photo: Christian Pihlmark Gadegaard


Himmerland Housing Association


Aalborg, Denmark


18,500 m²




Facades; Fjelsø Entreprise


Moe & Brødsgaard


C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

Collaborators, other

With support from Landsbyggefonden

  • The Matilde Baffa Ugo Rivolta European Architecture Award - Mention for the research and technical and constructive innovation. 2017
  • Nominated for the Renover Prize. 2016
  • Aalborg Municipality Architecture Award. 2016

The residential complex dating from 1964 has faced technical structural problems for some time, requiring extensive renovation of the 13-storey residential high-rise block and the adjacent nine three-storey buildings. Besides concrete damage, damp penetration, lacking insulation and thermal bridges, the homes were generally outdated and less attractive.

The high multi-storey building's concrete carcass is therefore being renovated, while also combining some flats into larger units, reducing the total number of homes from 169 to 120. Several flats are being combined vertically, resulting in strikingly modern new flats. At the same time, the façades of both the multi-storey building and the smaller buildings are being renovated, giving them a more coherent architectural expression. The windows are enlarged, giving the flats significantly more light and better outlooks, and the façade design of the three-storey homes is varied with bay windows, framed windows and perforated metal sections that create exciting light and shadow effects.

The high multi-storey complex will have a more striking profile, as the two top floors' balconies extend beyond one side of the building, creating special "penthouse flats", and several homes adapted for the disabled will also be established. The outdoor areas are also being upgraded, with new vegetation, activities and recreational areas, and the buildings' ground floors are being opened up, with access to terraces and small gardens.

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