Villa Araca

Villa R

Villa in a forest edge.

Villa U

Two-storey home in scenic location near Aarhus

Villa B

Villa B is a family residence located on the east coast of Jutland with a unique view of the sea from all living areas and rooms.

Villa Araca

A villa on top of a hill in Hillerød overlooking the magnificent Frederiksberg Palace and the palace gardens.

Villa in Zealand

New construction of a villa which reinterprets the English country home with a modern and more Nordic expression.

Villa Rypen

A detached house with a unique location on the edge of a forest in Aarhus, that generously invites nature in.

Slottsvika Cabin

Modern Norwegian cottage in solid wood designed to bring in the panoramic fjord views of the archipelago.

Villa G

A modern interpretation of a classic farmhouse layout in a protected area surrounded by fields and woods.

Comfort House

Single-family house built according to the 'passive house' principle.

Atelier and guest house

Atelier and guest-house for a private residence reclining in a coastal slope.

Villa Alstrup

Villa at the North Sea coast designed as an energy-plus house, which means that it produces more electricity and heat than it uses.

Villa - Råhøj Allé

Wooden house, single-family villa.

Summer house at Kandestederne

Summer house in the scenic area at Kandestederne in Northern Jutland.
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