Lyngby Stadium. C.F. Møller

Lyngby Stadium

Revitalisation of the Lyngby stadium area with modernisation and upgrading of the existing stadium, new health centre, new housing for the elderly and young people and green spaces, which are well adapted to the existing qualities and expression of the city.
 Lyngby Stadium. C.F. Møller


Lyngby Stadion & Venner ApS


Kongens Lyngby, Denmark


13,500 m² (6,800 m² Student Housing, 4,000 m² Senior Housing, 2,700 m² Commercial space)



Client consultant

Norstad Development




C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

Lyngby Idrætsby is surrounded by the DTU Campus with its many students and Fortunbyen, a classic residential area characterised by yellow bricks and a green park. The revitalisation of Idrætsbyen modernises and upgrades the stadium to handle matches in Denmark's top football league and strengthens daily life and relations with neighbours with a health centre with senior housing as well as new youth housing.

Focus on community

The health centre is laid out on one level, with short distances for staff and a clear division between public and controlled areas. An interior green courtyard, along with skylights, creates good daylight conditions inside, and ensures patient privacy for sensitive functions. The senior residences have shared balconies, a shared green courtyard and common rooms which create a good basis for residents to meet each other, just as there are deck accesses for neighbours to meet and at the same time personalise themselves with plants and the like. The apartments are bright and there is also a private balcony off the living room. The student apartments are divided into three buildings which are connected by a light construction with escape stairs and a lift. All buildings have a common room on each floor, and all floors have a conservatory and an open terrace in the light connecting structure.

A new stadium grandstand, covering of an existing one, new VIP lounges and business premises are part of the modernization of the stadium itself. The entrance to the stadium and health centre, together with shops, a fan zone, a new café and clubhouse, are located at ground level opposite an existing swimming pool and sports hall, creating a lively and attractive pedestrian route. Together with the youth centre's close location to the clubhouse, training grounds, track and field, Lyngby Business School and DTU-Campus, the area is thus revitalised with life every day of the week for both young and old. A cladding of modular metal frames and panels with parts of expanded mesh creates a coherent façade expression on the stadium. All new roofs are green roofs, to maximise biodiversity in the area.

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