The Nordhavn Islands. C.F. Møller

The Nordhavn Islands

The Nordhavn Islands are an urban park on the water, an ocean of activities and recreational spaces at one with the water, the weather and nature – a new and different urban space for Nordhavn.
 The Nordhavn Islands. C.F. Møller


Property Fund Copenhagen International School


Copenhagen, Denmark


2,000 m² landscape, 250 m² changing facilities, sauna and depots




1st prize in architectural competition. 2016




C.F. Møller Architects

  • 1st prize in architectural competition. 2016

The Nordhavn Islands will lie in close contact with C.F. Møller's Copenhagen International School, connecting the school with the quarter and the quarter with the rest of Copenhagen.

With the Nordhavn Islands, C.F. Møller Landscape has created an inviting urban platform for social and cultural exchange, where everyone can meet the natural phenomena head on. The project has tremendous potential as a community generator which, with the water encouraging activity as a social trigger, will bring life and atmosphere to the area, and thus link the new school with the city and the city with the water.

The activities on the Nordhavn Islands are spread out over three different islands, each with its own characteristics: "The Reef", a multifunctional platform for aqua learning and events in extension of the quayside; "The Lagoon", a floating arena for activities such as kayak polo and other water sports, and "The Sun Bath", an actual harbour bath with a sauna and protected areas for swimming training. As an extension of the school's interior space, not only can the functions be included directly in the teaching, but they can also be used by external visitors, as can the school's facilities, which are intended to function as a "community centre" by the Orient Pier.

The weather, climate and nature are important resources for movement, recreation and learning – in, around and even under the water. The round islands are therefore surrounded by a band of free-growing, organic vegetation, contrasting with the urban environment and staging the natural environment and the aquatic environment as a learning landscape at eye level. At the same time, this band of vegetation functions as a natural safety zone around the three islands, allowing young children to explore the Nordhavn Islands and the water safely.

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