Skagenhallen. C.F. Møller. Photo: C.F. Møller Architects


A multifunctional building that creates new opportunities for communities through the modernization of existing structures and additions, presenting a unifying and architecturally distinctive expression.
 Skagenhallen. C.F. Møller. Photo: C.F. Møller Architects


Skagen Kultur- og Fritidscenter


Skagen, Denmark




C.F. Møller Architects

A significant architectural transformation of the existing Skagen Culture and Recreation Center from 1972 aims to engage and retain Skagen's youth while attracting new residents by establishing a multifunctional building that will be renamed Skagenhallen.

The architectural concept for Skagenhallen is based on four fundamental principles:

1. Establishing favorable conditions akin to a boarding school for young people in education (aged 16-21), promoting settlement in the city.

2. Providing attractive spaces for communities where young people and residents of all ages can come together in a large, integrated complex offering activities such as sports, fitness, culture, and art.

3. Reusing, optimizing energy efficiency, and enhancing the existing physical structures, which constitute valuable resources and functions.

4. Creating a new coherent building with a comprehensive architectural uplift that highlights existing qualities and complements them with new modern forms and functions. The result is an identity-establishing structure that all of the city's youth, residents, visitors, and partners can recognize and take ownership of.

A landmark supporting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

All functions of the building are physically and visually connected, internally through a new foyer and externally through a uniform facade material. The expansion is seamlessly integrated into the existing building volume and scale. Wood is used in the primary structures, and the traditional red brick, which the original building was constructed with, is reinterpreted through the use of brick baguettes. These are employed as facade material, barriers, fences, and sunscreens, creating a modern expression with rounded corners and organic forms that reflect the recreational character of the building and make it more prominent in the urban landscape.

Skagenhallen aligns with five selected UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a strong focus on fostering well-functioning communities, countering the negative population trend in Skagen, future-proofing existing buildings, and utilizing materials that prioritize operational efficiency, low CO2 emissions, and design for disassembly.

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