Førde Central Hospital, user consultation. C.F. Møller. Photo: Poul Nyholm

Førde Central Hospital, user consultation

A new area plan for Forde Central Hospital and psychiatric clinic is designed to provide a long-term basis for the planning of infrastructure, land use and the possible expansion of the hospital, while taking into account the requirements of good patient care and sound investment economy.


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Won in tender competition. 2012


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  • Won in tender competition. 2012

It is essential for the quality of the project that user representatives at all levels are given the opportunity to contribute with specific insights, experience, aspirations and visions, and thus have an opportunity to influence the design of the final area plan. In addition to dialogue with the user groups, which have been composed in close co-operation with representatives of the hospital, additional measures have also been implemented to give as many people as possible a chance to have their voices heard.

C.F. Møller Healthcare's consultants have for example been on tours of all departments relevant to the area plan, and have met with the users there. The hospital’s formal co-operation and safety organisations have been utilised as forums for ongoing information and discussion, and a so-called reference group has been established with a number of key clinical persons. Finally, a steering committee has been established with the hospital management, in which formal decisions can be taken on recommendations from the reference group.

The consultants participate in all of these forums, to ensure continuity.

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