Solnedgangspladsen (Sunset Viewpoint) in Gl. Skagen. C.F. Møller

Solnedgangspladsen (Sunset Viewpoint) in Gl. Skagen

C.F. Møller Architects acts as client consultant for Frederikshavn Municipality, which wishes to renew the Sunset Viewpoint in Old Skagen, so that the experience of quality is reinforced, whilst simultaneously preserving the site’s historical nature.
 Solnedgangspladsen (Sunset Viewpoint) in Gl. Skagen. C.F. Møller


Frederikshavn Kommune


Skagen, Denmark


3,300 m²



Client consultant

C.F. Møller Architects


Kristine Jensens Tegnestue

Collaborators, other

Realdania (as part of the peripheral-region campaign 'The Place Counts’), the Inge and Asker Larsen foundation and the ENV Foundation

C.F. Møller has been entrusted as client consultant with the renewal of the Sunset Viewpoint in Old Skagen, for Frederikshavn Municipality in collaboration with the Old Skagen Landowners Association. In the summertime the Sunset Viewpoint attracts hundreds of local residents and visitors wishing to experience the beautiful sight of the sun setting over the North Sea.

The original site appeared dilapidated, gloomy and disordered. The site needed functional reorganisation and aesthetic improvement. C.F. Møller has contributed to creating an overview of the renewal of the site, as well as attending to the realisation of the developer’s ambition to create a hub for Old Skagen’s residents and visitors, so as to enhance the experience and quality of the site, whilst at the same time protecting the site’s valuable historical and cultural character.

Ensuring a good process

C.F. Møller has contributed to the design of the competition brief, to ensure precise tenders for the specific realisation of the developer’s visions, and has subsequently acted as an adviser to the jury during the competition, as well as dealing with contract negotiations with the winner, Kristine Jensens Tegnestue.

C.F. Møller has helped realise the winning project, monitored finances and timing, managed contact with the Coastal Authority, conservation authorities, neighbours, the developer, contributors and other collaborating partners and advisers, and ensured that their interests were safeguarded in the final project. There has been a big focus on securing a well-functioning site in an environment with harsh weather conditions, with sand, salt water and wind posing considerable demands with regard to durability and robustness in the face of natural influences.

The renewal of the site is being funded by Realdania, as part of their peripheral-region campaign ‘The Place Counts’ – a project to maintain quality in Danish coastal holiday villages, as well as the Inge and Asker Larsen Foundation and the ENV Foundation.

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