Tenant Consultancy, Danske Bank New Head Office. C.F. Møller. Photo: Preliminary/Indicative illustration by Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter and Danica Pension

Tenant Consultancy, Danske Bank New Head Office

Tenant consultancy for Danske Bank, which will move its head office to newly-built premises at Postgrunden in Copenhagen in 2023. As tenant advisor to Danske Bank, C.F. Møller is assisting in formulating the bank's specific requirements for the new premises into in a strategic tenant programme.


Danica Pension (owner), Danske Bank (tenant)


København, Denmark


73,000 m²




Team: Aarsleff, Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter, Cowi


Tenant consultants team: NIRAS (project management)


Tenant consultants team: C.F. Møller Architects in collaboration with PLH Arkitekter, Design: Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter

Our responsibility has included the specification of requirements for architecture and landscape architecture, integration in Postgrunden's masterplan, monitoring of the regulatory process, accessibility, allocation of space and functions, clarification of quality levels, contributions to art strategy, as well as examination and analysis of the client's other project material.

With the new head office, the bank will have a physical framework that supports the bank's visions and ambitions. The head office must provide good customer service, create the optimal framework for cooperation and be the face of an open and accessible bank, which is an active part of a new and exciting area in Copenhagen. The up-coming head office will include, among other things, a bank museum, café and bank branch, as well as become a workplace for more than 4,000 employees.

C.F. Møller has been responsible for tenant advice since 2015, and this has been carried out in close collaboration with PLH Architects and Nira's Consulting Engineers.

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