Ullevål University Hospital - Healthcare Planning. C.F. Møller. Photo: Wikipedia/Mahlum

Ullevål University Hospital - Healthcare Planning

Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo is a specialised, hi-tech hospital which carries out extensive medical research while also acting as local, regional and national hospital in a variety of areas. The original hospital was built in 1887 and has since been extended and modernised in several stages. In connection with the modernisation of the gastric and kidney disease departments and the construction of a new office building in 2004, C.F. Møller Healthcare developed a plan solution which, in accordance with the hospital's wishes, was mainly based within the existing building framework.


Ullevål University Hospital


Oslo, Norway




C.F. Møller Architects

C.F. Møller calculated the hospital’s future activities and its capacity requirements for beds, offices and clinical rooms on the basis of user needs and analyses of demographic trends for the Oslo area. C.F. Møller was also responsible for several of the related architectural tasks.

In 2009, Ullevål became part of Oslo University Hospital, which is a federation of four hospitals in Oslo – the National Hospital, Aker Hospital, the Radium Hospital and Ullevål Hospital – and hence is Norway's largest hospital, with approximately 20,000 employees.

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