Athletes Village, Plots N13 and N26 podium gardens. C.F. Møller. Photo: Chris Gascoigne

Athletes Village, Plots N13 and N26 podium gardens

The key objective for the podium garden landscapes of the plots N13 and N26 of the Athletes Village has been to re-create lost ecology values, in an once ecologically rich region.
 Athletes Village, Plots N13 and N26 podium gardens. C.F. Møller. Photo: Chris Gascoigne


ODA (Olympic Delivery Agency), LendLease


London, United Kingdom


7.000 m²






WSP Hoare Lee


C.F. Møller Architects (N13), dRMM (N26)


C.F. Møller Architects

  • Civic Trust Awards. 2014

This is in accordance with the Stratford City Masterplan and the Site Wide Biodiversity objectives for the Olympic village. The landscape design seeks to create an urban woodland, in the broadest sense of the word, with geographical and historical references to the borough of Waltham Forest and the adjacent southernmost fringes of Epping Forest.

The planting strategy uses a largely native palette of species encouraging biodiversity and providing a human scale to the courtyards. In order to enable planting of semi-mature woodland species, with possibility for future growth on the podium deck the design concept is based on forming a series of green hillocks. These have the dual purpose of accommodating the resident’s needs for outdoor recreation in a diverse landscape and at the same time maximizing the growth potential for the maturing trees.

A path paved with yellow bricks threads through the courtyard creating a visual and functional connection between the built architecture and the landscape spaces. The juxtaposition of consistency and contrast between landscape and built architecture creates a rich, subtle and engaging environment.

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