The Climate Ribbon in Randers. C.F. Møller

The Climate Ribbon in Randers

With the innovative climate adaptation project Climate Ribbon, we demonstrate that sea level rise, storm surges and increasing cloudbursts are not a challenge, but an opportunity to strengthen local identity, urban connection and increase the value of future urban development.
 The Climate Ribbon in Randers. C.F. Møller


Randers Kommune – Part of the EU supported 'Coast to Coast Climate Challenge' program


Randers port and city centre, Danmark


6 km flood protection, 120 ha development area






C.F. Møller Architects in collaboration with De Urbanisten

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Gemeinschaft Sadolin & Albæk

  • Klimaprisen – Building Awards (DK). 2019
  • Parallelopdrag. 2018

Randers is currently threatened by storm surges, sea level rise and extreme cloudburst incidents. Protection against high water levels is therefore a necessary prerequisite for urban development in the future. At the same time, for many years urban industrial areas along the harbour have cut off Randers city centre from being close to the water and the unique nature that embraces Randers.

The Climate Ribbon is a 6 km long ribbon between the city centre and the Gudenå River which will protect Randers against storm surges and create new water and nature experiences and opportunities in Randers. The Climate Ribbon is a vital part of Randers' major urban development project ‘City to Water’, and embraces existing urban areas and future development areas. With an overall and holistic climate protection strategy, priority is given to places along the water's edge where investments in protection against high water levels provide the greatest added value for the city. Important historical and cultural focal points along the water's edge will be upgraded to new attractive city and water areas that celebrate the pulse of the city, the city's industrial history and the meeting of water and nature. Urban quality of life is supported by integrated solutions on the water’s edge and flexible technical storm surge solutions that create a physical connection along the Gudenå. All of the project's storm surge solutions are integrated into the harbour's urban areas by the creation of new spaces for design, activity and nature elements. The goal is to strengthen the connection between the city centre, water and nature. New facilities such as a river pool, a delta promenade, a tidal park to present nature, a high water-proof display window in Regnskoven and a maritime area for culture and sports events help to cultivate the soul of city life in Randers.

The dedicated new urban spaces, high water-proof city of integrated extensive dike landscapes that strengthen the urban nature in Randers and an integrated pedestrian and bicycle route along the Climate Ribbon create a renewed connection along the water between the city centre and the Gudenå's unique nature and river delta. New, resilient development areas along the Climate Ribbon added increased value by reconciling supply solutions, parking and property development with future recreational amenity values and are shaped by scenic storm surge solutions.

With the Climate Ribbon we will show that Randers can use climate adaptation to its advantage, to strengthen nature through the city, tie the city closer to the water and strengthen the quality of urban spaces and social cultural life in Randers. Climate protection is a large-scale exercise for many cities and development areas that requires clear economic, cultural, historical and social priorities in order to achieve the most realisable added value from climate solutions. The project cultivates the special salt and freshwater soul of Randers as a common feature and uses water and climate protection as a strategic urban development tool, which allows space for urban life in Randers to unfold over time. New urban, park and natural spaces use storm surge protection to create new connections between the city centre, water and nature.

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