SlottsskogsRingen. C.F. Møller


With the diverse and active park called Slottsskogsringen, Gothenburg has gained a new social meeting place as the setting for both everyday and festive occasions. The park embraces the general public and inspires more play, movement and proximity to nature.
 SlottsskogsRingen. C.F. Møller


Göteburg Municipality


Göteburg, Sverige


95.000 m²


2017, competition


C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

  • 2. Preis im Architektenwettbewerb

The project consists of two main elements – the "Ring" and the "Activity Band". The "Ring" is the park's large multifunctional event space and consists of a circular grass area with an elevated stone-paved stage at the centre, and sitting landscapes in the peripheral zone. This is the space for shows and major events, while also inviting spontaneous meetings and activities. The "Ring" is located at the centre of the park and its wide open surface stands out as a clearing between the surrounding densely vegetated woodland areas.

The "Activity Band" encircles the "Ring". While the "Ring" can accommodate major festive events, the "Activity Band" forms the park’s lively everyday space. The band consists of small dedicated activity islands that offer a wealth of opportunities for physical exercise and informal social meeting places. Unlike the "Ring's" large open surface, the "Activity Band" offers a smaller, more intimate scale with small niche recreational areas, new habitats, sensuous experiences and small everyday functions that encircle the many different activity islands. With Slottsskogsringen, new cutting-edge activity environments are combined with traditional recreational park functions and recreational opportunities, creating a new destination in the city. A new park space with room for everyone, where movement and play become a social platform for meetings across generations and activity levels.

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