New OUH - Client Advisor

Client’s consultant for a new super hospital - one of the largest hospital designs in recent Danish history.

Framework Agreement, Strategic Urban Development Aarhus Municipality

C.F. Møller Architects provides strategic consultancy on the development and sale of urban areas under a two-year framework agreement with Aarhus Municipality.

Tenant Consultancy, Danske Bank New Head Office

Tenant consultancy for Danske Bank, which will move its head office to newly-built premises. C.F. Møller is assisting with important strategic advice which will ensure that the physical framework supports the bank's large-scale visions and ambitions.

British Museum Archaeological Research Collection – Monitoring Architect

C.F. Møller Architects is appointed as the Monitoring Architect for The British Museum in the development of a new storage facility to ensure the project is delivered to the museum’s high standards.

DFDS Domicile, Tenant Adviser

C.F. Møller Architects provide tenant advice to DFDS and help ensure that DFDS's new head office at Marmormolen in Copenhagen will support the activities of DFDS and create the best possible setting for the company.

Örnsro Timber Town – Identity

Identity work for Örnsro Timber Town, based on the architectural ideas for the project with two blocks in central Örebro, where wooden houses are interspersed with modern environmental thinking.

The North Wing of Rigshospitalet, Phase 2, Client Consultancy

C.F. Møller Architects is the client consultant on the new North Wing of Rigshospitalet, Phase 2 which will accommodate patient wards, operating theatres, support functions and administration.

Solnedgangspladsen (Sunset Viewpoint) in Gl. Skagen

C.F. Møller Architects acts as client consultant for Frederikshavn Municipality, which wishes to renew the Sunset Viewpoint in Old Skagen, so that the experience of quality is reinforced, whilst simultaneously preserving the site’s historical nature.

AUH, sector planning

Function planning and activity and capacity analyses in relation to The New University Hospital in Aarhus.

Springfield University Hospital, health service planning

Function planning, capacity and activity analyses, compiling of the main function programme and implementing user meetings.

General plan of Psychiatry in the Region South Denmark, sector planning

Psychiatry plan, "Psychiatry of the Future", covering the combined psychiatric services in the Region South Denmark

National Archives PPP - Client consultancy

Client consultancy in relation to the filing and keeping of archives.

Artcenter Spritten

C.F. Møller Architects is the developer’s adviser for the construction of Artcenter Spritten, which involves the transformation of a once industrial area into Aalborg's new arts centre.
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