Carlsberg City, masterplan. C.F. Møller. Photo: Adam Mørk

Carlsberg City, masterplan

On the basis of the first masterplan for Carlsberg City from 2007, C.F. Møller, as an adviser for Carlsberg City, has developed and adapted the masterplan to current needs and requirements.
 Carlsberg City, masterplan. C.F. Møller


Carlsberg Byen Ejendomme P/S


Copenhagen, Danmark


350.000 m² revised master plan – 220.000 m² housing, 109.000 m² offices, 21.000 m² existing buildings




C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

The new initiatives concern around 350,000 m² of the Carlsberg Citys total building stock comprising 600,000 m².

The original master plan drew a quarter with enclosed courtyard rooms and narrow streets defined by buildings with mixed commercial and residential functions. As it has proved difficult to achieve buildings with combined functions, part of C.F. Møller's work focused on reducing the number of these buildings. While the narrow streets have been retained, the courtyard spaces have been adjusted, to make them more airy and spacious.

The sloping maximum building heights, which have been part of the local plan from the start, have been incorporated into the buildings' volume. The result is a characteristic completion of the façades, which also draws daylight down into the narrow streets, creating small rooftop terraces for the residents. By arranging the optimum location of the residential structures in relation to sunlight, so that they cast their shadow on the commercial buildings requiring cooling, an energy-optimised building stock is ensured.

C.F. Møller has also worked on the location of eight of the planned multi-storey buildings through visualisations seen from the surrounding city, and has proposed design rules to present the multi-storey buildings as a family of buildings that each has its own individual character.

In conjunction with the local planning work, C.F. Møller prepared volume studies and analyses in relation to ground incline, daylight in the homes, infrastructure, shadow diagrams, vegetation, etc. Idea catalogues were prepared to help to determine the principles for the design and location of bay windows, balconies, etc. Finally, C.F. Møller performed a large element of the visualisations, illustrations and drawing materials for the revised local plan.

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