Gustavsbergs Centre. C.F. Møller

Gustavsbergs Centre

The former industrial town Gustavsberg, located just over 20 km from Stockholm, is undergoing an urban development to relieve the strong pressure on Stockholm's housing market and infrastructure, by making Gustavsberg more attractive, not just for residents, but also for visitors.
 Gustavsbergs Centre. C.F. Møller


Värmdö municipality


Stockholm, Sverige


120.000 m²




Ramboll Sverige AB


C.F. Møller Architects in collaboration with Tredje Natur


C.F. Møller Architects in collaboration with Tredje Natur

The area of the proposal consists of the port area, as well as central areas of Gustavsberg and comprises potentially 300,000 m² of new urban development, comprising homes, retail outlets and commercial and recreational functions. The proposal is focused on innovating the town's centre as a recreational area, to create unique and attractive living and residential conditions.

The centre of Gustavsberg lies in a valley encircled by four granite hills and protected ecosystems. The area also has two adjacent marine areas, in the form of Farstaviken and Ösbyträsk. The connection to these will be re-established to create a town in close contact with the countryside, bringing nature right into the centre.

The proposal are based on the unique landscape around its centre and the new urban centre is built up closely around a green corridor in which urban nature, rainwater and residents' initiatives can be combined to create a new narrative. In this way, the residents' day-to-day lives will be linked directly to nature, the community and the region's major recreational potential.

Gustavsberg has a longstanding, strong building tradition and cultural history. The proposal suggests that the new centre will complement a number of the existing outstanding buildings in the area, which are rooted in the Golden Age of Swedish functionalism.

As a part of the process Värmdö Municipality involved the residents and held a dialogue meeting where ideas were presented to the town's residents and politicians and got a good response from both older and younger contributors. The dialogue with residents helped to lay the foundation for part of the political consultation on the development of Gustavsberg.

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