Taphede new Urban Quarter. C.F. Møller

Taphede new Urban Quarter

In Taphede, an area of natural beauty east of Viborg, a 191-hectare urban quarter with 1,500 new homes is being established. The new quarter is one of the largest urban development projects ever undertaken by Viborg Municipality.
 Taphede new Urban Quarter. C.F. Møller


Viborg Kommune


Viborg, Danmark


191 ha, 1500 boliger




1. Preis im Angebotswettbewerb. 2017




C.F. Møller Architects

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Sadolin & Albæk

  • 1. Preis im Angebotswettbewerb. 2017

In this project, C.F. Møller has used our cross-disciplinary and holistic experience within urban development to combine an understanding of local economic, demographic and market conditions, the technical and infrastructural framework, local political considerations and landscape values with a strong and sustainable vision for good urban living in Taphede. On this basis, we have created a robust, ambitious and sustainable holistic plan for Taphede, with focus on everyday living, strong social communities and close proximity to nature.

The holistic plan for Taphede is an organic plan which combines landscape with building complexes, and which is geared to adapt to market adjustments over time. The project is structured as varying residential clusters, which are developed with high density, variation in types of residential buildings, and individual landscape identities. The clusters' size and composition ensure robust and flexible execution over time, and the establishment of a good local urban atmosphere in the short term.

Attractive new landscape wedges with wetlands, heathland, fauna and central activity and nature areas will ensure attractive new landscape areas close to each housing cluster, as well as new recreational pathways to the surrounding town. In this way, Taphede is giving back new urban nature areas to the town of Viborg.

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