WoodHub, Government Office Hub, Odense

New office building that gathers several government agencies under one roof in the center of Odense is a pioneer project for sustainable timber construction and the largest timber building in Denmark.

German Ministry for the Environment - BMUV

The German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, BMU, is a sustainable timber-hybrid building with integrated solar panels and a strong focus on daylight and shared green spaces.

i8, iCampus, Werksviertel München

i8 is a versatile new office building in Werksviertel, Munich, Germany build in a hybrid timber construction which contribute positively to the LCA of the building and helps to secure a good indoor climate.

Lund Central Station

A modern meeting place and infrastructure hub, in both Lund and for the region, with a new station building, new commercial premises, restaurants and hotels, and the renovation and relocation of the existing 19th-century customs building.

Open School in Waldau, Kassel

The Open School in Waldau (OSW) sets a new standard for learning environments in German schools, by uniting nature and education in a flexible and sustainable multi-use building and landscape.

Gråalen, Norrtälje Harbour

Gråalen is a new neighbourhood with a focus on sustainability and inclusive architecture, based on the use of timber structure and facades.

Örnsro Timber Town in Örebro

Örnsro Timber Town is a visionary residential quarter in central Örebro that is built in solid timber and focuses on integrating nature into the urban landscape.

Netto, Bygholm Bakker

Salling Group, Netto and C.F. Møller Architects are working together on a new concept for the convenience store of the future that focuses on sustainable solutions, a good indoor climate and architectural quality for the benefit of customers and employees.

Kajstaden Tall Timber Building

The Tall Timber Building residence has become a landmark and, during construction, became Sweden's tallest mass timber building in the new district of Kajstaden at Lake Mälaren in Västerås.

Hyllie Play

Hyllie Play is a triangular shaped office building of 14,500 sqm in Hyllie. The new office contributes to the experiential environments, creative meeting places and green spaces for the whole district.

House of Generations in Nivå

The House of Generations in Nivå is a building complex in which a library, cultural centre, sports hall, and a swimming pool are arranged around a new school.

Klyngehuset Kronjylland

Klyngehuset is the new meeting place for the villagers of Kronjylland. It activates and supports community and outdoor activity while embodying the unique character of the area.

Rullestenen, Musicon, Roskilde

Rullestenen (the rolling stone) in the creative Musicon area of Roskilde, Denmark is a sustainable building that imagines residential development in new ways by focusing on sustainability and prioritising community.
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