Kulhuset, car park. C.F. Møller

Kulhuset, car park

The new multi-storey car park and activity centre, Kulhuset in the Sydhavnskvarteret district of Aarhus, imagines parking, city life and movement in entirely new ways and supports the transformation of the urban area. Kulhuset is the new multi-storey car park and activity centre on the Aarhus waterfront next to the historic Kulbroen (Coal Bridge), which will be transformed into a raised promenade in the future. Kulhuset is a unique combination of new infrastructure and a recreational urban garden, creating a platform for communities in the city to partake in sports, culture, play and recreation. The project transforms the former landscape of coal mounds into a green urban space which points towards a climate-friendly future and supports the area's transformation from an industrial zone into a vibrant, social, and sustainable urban area. With its unique location, where the city meets the harbour, Kulhuset will be a new, unique destination in Aarhus, which incorporates the possibility of many audience-oriented functions, while containing up to 700 parking spaces spread over the building’s area of almost 20,000 m2.
 Kulhuset, car park. C.F. Møller


Aarhus Kommune


Aarhus, Denmark


18,150 m²




1st prize in architectural competition. 2020

Client consultant

Bech Bruun




C.F. Møller Architects in collaboration with Nordland Arkitekter


C.F. Møller Architects

  • 1st prize in architectural competition. 2020

An active and inviting parking garage in the city

On the ground floor of the parking garage, opportunities are created to develop various outward-looking functions such as food collectives, local entrepreneurship, and exhibition areas. The corners of the building are pulled back to form smaller, inviting urban spaces of a diverse nature. The ability to integrate many different functions and activities ensures widespread use of the building, which makes Kulhuset much more than just a parking garage. On the roof of Kulhuset, a cohesive experiential landscape is established, which creates a new connection between the city and the harbour. Day to day, the roof offers an exciting walk between kitchen gardens, amphitheatre stages, viewpoints, and exercise areas, but the roof can also be used for large-scale activities such as concerts, markets and sports activities. On the third floor of the building, with a direct connection to the area's historic Kulbroen (Coal Bridge), an elevated urban space will be established, where Kulbroen and Kulhuset meet. This special place creates a direct link for the building's commuters to Aarhus Central Station. The car park's façade is built according to the Design for Disassembly sustainability principle. The façade consists of upcycled sheeting of, for example, aluminium (sine wave or trapezoidal profiles) from existing buildings, facilities and containers from the nearby harbour areas.

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