R.U.M. chair

R.U.M. (ReUsed Materials) is a sustainable chair with a plastic shell made of fishing nets collected from the world’s oceans.

Ensō cutlery

A well-balanced and attractive cutlery set comprising a knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon designed by C.F. Møller Design for Danish AIDA.

Ensō tableware

Ensō is a complete set of tableware, made respectively in the whitest glossy porcelain and matt anthracite grey stoneware.

Cavere - Care Solutions

High quality components for the interior design of bathrooms with the aim of improving daily life for elderly and disabled persons - without necessarily radiating disability.

Randi-Line Komé

Complete range of door handles, thumb turn knobs, rosettes, and backplates.

BASE Sofa bed

With a cool and practical design, the BASE sofa bed is a multifunctional piece of furniture for both comfort and storage that can easily adapt to different everyday scenarios and be the focal point of the young home.

Waste sorting points in Copenhagen

The overriding ambition has been to reconcile requirements and requests for the city''s new waste sorting points in a strong and contemporary design concept.

PLINT furniture series for offices

Plint is a multifunctional furniture series that supports the layout of the flexible office of the future.

Retell - Notice board

The Retell notice board is a simple, graphic pinboard with a focus on smart and simple details to suit the home, the workplace and public buildings alike.

YoYo - range of indoor lighting fixtures

YoYo is an innovative range of indoor lighting fixtures that eliminate the need for installation and solve many types of lighting tasks. The lamp is of high quality, with a sophisticated lighting technique.

Ascento - modular seat concept

Prize-winning modular series of bath and shower chairs that combine beautiful design with comfort and safety.

Central Station

A series of breakout and separating furniture designed to help link office work zones to social zones, so as to create coherence and give employees their own smaller spaces in a large room.

Randi Cone Collection

Decorative and functional series of accessories primarily for the bathroom, with many variations and applications.
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