STICKS Coffee Tables. C.F. Møller. Photo: Karup Design

STICKS Coffee Tables

STICKS coffee tables are part of a pine furniture series characterised by slender, round double legs as the recurring motif.
 STICKS Coffee Tables. C.F. Møller. Photo: Karup Design


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STICKS coffee tables have a distinctive three-legged base that encircles a round table top and supports a vertical crossbar, which is an essential part of the Sticks coffee table identity. Each leg consists of two slender round sticks, connected by visible bolts in a construction that combines elegance with stability.

With a selection of different colours and two different sizes, STICKS coffee tables offer a variety of options for both residential and commercial interiors. Both the frame and table top are made from fast-growing and accessible FSC-certified pine wood and are available in natural, black and a palette of three classic colours that are applied in a way that brings out the unique and distinctive grain of the pine wood. This gives STICKS coffee tables an overall natural and Nordic elegance that can be given a colourful and personal touch.

With two different sizes, the coffee tables can be placed together in overlapping combinations or stand alone. The smaller table works perfectly as a functional side table in a variety of settings, while the larger table is ideal for casual and lounge-style interiors.

The STICKS coffee tables are part of a series of pine furniture where the slender and round double legs are the characterising and recurring element. The design of the STICKS coffee table allows you to vary your interior design and fits into private homes as well as business environments.

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