Retell - Notice board. C.F. Møller. Photo: Gejst

Retell - Notice board

The Retell notice board is a simple, graphic pinboard with a focus on smart and simple details to suit the home, the workplace and public buildings alike.
 Retell - Notice board. C.F. Møller. Photo: Gejst





Product Design

C.F. Møller Architects

Retell is a round, framed notice board designed to hang on the wall. Retell can be used as a pinboard or just as a decorative element, which at the same time helps to improve the acoustics of the room. The design is simple and a virtue has been made out of necessity. This can be seen in the fine craftsmanship of the steel frame and felt that makes it possible to mount Retell elegantly and safely with just a single screw.

Versatile application

Retell distinguishes itself by being able to be used in private homes, in offices and in public buildings. The notice board's simple design ensures that it fits in most places, such as the hallway, the wardrobe, the children's room, the home office or the living room. Retell is a good example of how the design of our workspaces is now finding great inspiration in the design of our homes. The notice board can be used both on its own or in groups mounted in a row or in creative disorder. Retell has a diameter of 80 cm. That is enough to make room for the photos, drawings etc. that matter, but is compact enough to ensure there is room for Retell on most walls.

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