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The key concept of the Futurum range is the division between base and top module, resulting in new elements and more freedom to combine modules. The Futurum range can be used for endless purposes, and in more different types of spaces than a conventional shelf system.
 Futurum+. C.F. Møller


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Traditionally, we use shelves to store things on, and to divide up our office spaces. But in our modern digital world, many workplaces no longer need quite so much space for books, folders and papers. This was the starting-point for the design of the Futurum + furniture series, which comprises free-standing podiums at a good sitting height, plus upper modules that can be freely combined in innumerable ways.

The sitting-height podiums are the basic modules of the series, and can be combined, arranged and angled to match the room design, giving you the freedom to organise a department or a zone just as you wish.

On top of the podiums can be placed a flexible set of upper modules with boxes or shelves, so that the furniture can serve as a bookcase, an informal meeting table, a sitting furniture with specially-designed cushions or a showcase. Wardrobe racks, drawers, plant boxes and magazine holders are also available for the podiums. The modules are available in many different colours and varieties of wood, and can be combined in any way you like.

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