FLSmidth, Büro in Indien. C.F. Møller. Photo: Jørgen True

FLSmidth, Büro in Indien

The office building is FLSmidth's domicile in India. The 3-4 storey tall building with its verdant atria is located on the site of an old plantation, the tall coconut palms and dense mango trees of which have largely been retained.
 FLSmidth, Büro in Indien. C.F. Møller. Photo: Jørgen True


FLSmidth Pvt. Ltd


Chennai, India


24.000 m²


2005-2009, 2009-2011


Ganesan Builders Ltd., Chennai


Muralidharan StructuralBalu & MukundMadras Electrical ConsultantsVaidhyanathan


C.F. Møller Architects zusammen mit Nataraj & Venkat

The trees help to screen off the sharp sunlight which pours in, filtered via the horizontal window strips, to illuminate the offices in this modernist building with its white-plastered concrete facade - the obvious choice of materials for FLSmidth, the world's leading supplier for the concrete industry. The building - and a later extension of the facilities - holds around 2,500 IT workplaces, together with a common canteen and conference rooms. It is one of the first buildings in India to achieve the Indian Green Building Council’s LEED India for New Construction Gold Certificate.

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